Hi, I’m Shelley.
Here you’ll find intuitive entrepreneurial mentoring, coaching, and transformational services that will forever change the way you live and thrive. What are your intentions for your life? Your company? Your personal and professional relationships? For thriving in and innovating a new world? As a mentor, teacher, author, healer and adventurer, I have an insatiable curiosity (about a lot of things) about the genius at the core of you and  liberating and integrating this fullest expression. Because here’s what you build when you do …
a thriving, kind, authentic and playful world of innovative and profitable commerce, extraordinary relationships, meaningful creative expression, vibrancy and joy.
Come Thrive.


“It’s a rebellious act to live from your wholeness.” ~ Parker Palmer



“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old one obsolete.” ~R. Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller

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Featuring Shelley’s upcoming book, Changing the Vibration of Food and Monday Wisdoms™ gift card decks from Shelley’s original wisdoms written every Monday since 2008.

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michael-knouseShelley has this rare and perfect blend of the practical and the spiritual… for connecting your head and your heart.

Thank you for opening the way to my true happiness.”

Michael Knouse, The Startup Sessions

Identifying my Elements in ‘Your Soul in Business’ has changed the way I interact in all my communities.

I am a better businesswoman, partner, parent, and friend.”

Lisa Wright, Business Owner, Vancouver, WA 

I love what I do and have had a pretty good sense of my purpose, but this was the missing piece I’ve been looking for. This took me to the source of it all.

I have totally changed the way I work.”

Camilla Blossom Bishop, Business Owner, Hood River, OR