The hardest and the easiest work you’ll ever do is learn to maintain a level of intention, vision, thought, feeling, and passion above and beyond, even despite, your current experience. No matter what happens. No matter how good or destructive the current experience. No matter the statistics. Individually. Collectively. Globally.  
Hard because it runs contrary to your habits. Easy because it is much faster to change by connecting with your infinity rather than try to move your humanness without it.
What do you suppose keeps you believing in one scenario over another? The worst or the best? In one result over another? In darkness or light? In your dream or your failure? In your health or sickness? In your peace or your conflict? In your elevation or status quo?
There are many things that contribute to which scenario gets your attention—reptilian brain survival mode, habit, trauma, conditioning, experiences, environment, belief and so on. 
Let’s focus on one: agreement. Whatever scenario you give attention to, there is likely agreement with it somewhere inside you. At any moment, there are numerous timelines available to you for a given choice, direction, dream, experience or outcome. 
Consider a decision you have to make, something you want to manifest in your life, or even a past choice that you have mulled over wondering if you made the right decision. 
Choose one and imagine or see in your mind’s eye where the initial choice leads as you move through time. What takes place? What next choices appear? Who are you becoming? Who is around you? How do things go? What joys do you have? What challenges?
Now imagine a different choice or option among those you are considering. Make that choice in your mind’s eye and watch where that leads over time. Again, what next choices appear? Who comes and goes? What joys and challenges do you experience? Who do you become? 
What you’ll soon see is that each one brings you a different set of joys and obstacles for discovering your potentials as well as numerous unexpected gifts. And what comes will relate to what you are in agreement with.
Like the elephant tied to a pole as it grows up learns to stay in that same circle even without the rope, we too, become conditioned to our limitations or potentials and don’t even realize what we’re agreeing with. The elephant must disagree, so to speak, with the space it has learned to live in to step off the grid and create a new experience. It must trust the unknown and that there is a world beyond the circle defined by that rope.
So, whatever it is you want to believe in right now, what would it take to let go of even a smidge of your littleness and move in a drop of your infinity instead? What changes in that single drop? And the next drop?
Some would say the world is going to hell in a handbasket right now. That is certainly one timeline to consider. What happens on the timeline if you agree with it? What happens on the timeline if you put your attention on an emerging new and better world? You can acknowledge what is going on without reinforcing it.
“You make me want to be a better man,” said Melvin Udall, Jack Nicholson’s character in As Good As it Gets. He was fully in agreement with his obsessive-compulsive disorder and his license to use it until he discovered a waitress who wouldn’t put up with it. Over time, he began to let go of his littleness and let love creep in. A drop of infinity.
What are your aspirations for 2022? What if you began imagining that drops of your infinity were falling on each of those aspirations? That drops of your infinity took up increasing space in your humanity? And you asked, How Good Can it Get?

  • Would your infinity believe in you?
  • Would your infinity want the same things? 
  • Would your infinity love the same or differently?
  • Would your infinity be loved the same or differently?
  • Would it have the same income, the same business?
  • What is your infinity in agreement with?
  • What are you holding onto that is not in agreement with your infinity?
  • What littleness do you see dissolving?

Here’s to more of You in this world, 


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