Your purpose is to lead your extraordinary life.
Your passion for freedom led you here.

Working with Shelley

This is the table of infinite possibilities.


You live to the beat of your own drum. Let's make sure it's in rhythm with your infinite self.
Bring everything going on for you to the table. One thing or many — business strategy, website, company culture, new job, wealth and revenue, relationships, confidence, physical challenges, employee challenges, personal as well as professional life.

Come Thrive.

1:1 with shelley

custom retreats

1 day dive

As an individual or a team, You’re well on Your conscious way, purpose-Driven. Everything in your life is an instrument for your evolution, a creative opportunity. WHAT IS YOUR NEXT OPTIMUM internally and externally?

  • Be met and supported to Advance YOUR Deepest aspirations in LIFE AND BUSINESS. Don't know what those are yet? We can start there, too.
  • Lead your life from your center--instead of living by default, crisis, pre-made scripts, or blind ambition.
  • ELEVATE OR RESHAPE YOUR BUSINESS and relationships for thriving.
  • Significantly increase your effectiveness, focus, creativity, and reward
  • know who you are as an individual, a company, a team; know the essence of what you give, refine your delivery, and fuel it.
  • Advance your purpose.
  • eliminate emerging barriers--internal and external--to your greater self & purpose
  • Make your CEILINGS your next floor
  • Animate Your latent POTENTIALS
  • develop your intuitive life

1:1 with Shelley

Choose a 3, 6 or 12 month timeframe to begin.

Let's work together.

What do you imagine next?

I am typically booked with constant referrals and clients who stay with me. However, you never know what magic awaits you. Apply here to work together and we'll get back to you to schedule a conversation. 

Apply Here for 1:1 coaching and Team Consulting

"Working with Shelley altered my life in such a dramatic way. I am free from so many stories of obligation and energetic drain where I held myself tight, contained, and protected, albeit successful. My relationship with my longtime partner and love of my life melded together, releasing the tension and my reasons for resisting marriage. My business began to thrive in ways I didn’t expect opening doors for me to use my gifts, and shifting everything from my lease agreement, to clarity about teaching, to spontaneous turnover in my staff for an environment that is aligned with who I am and thriving while I feel more relaxed, joyful, and purposeful, as well as prosperous."

— Deanna Reed, Owner of Arabella Salon

"After Your Soul in Business, I no longer needed to chase my significance."

— Natalie McGuire, Web Designer

Custom Retreats

Let's craft a container for your visionary, conscious company; leadership or executive team; mastermind, or group of evolutionary friends to catalyze the big goals, The freedom, the elevation, the new future you have in mind. 

Fill out the contact form. We will reach out to you within 48 hours to schedule a conversation and consider a strategy for working together that meets your needs, intentions and aspirations. 

  • Elevate the relationship culture into greater collaboration for productivity, creativity, and focus.
  • Expand your creativity as individuals and as a group.
  • Discern and eliminate the obstacles to your vision.
  • Do a deep dive as a group on a subject you want to address. 
  • Raise your happiness quotient as a company, as individuals, and for your customers.
  • Renew your spirits and multiply your profits.
  • What specifically do you want to change? What do you dream of? Let's craft what you need to be there.
  • What beautiful location awaits? 

inquire about custom retreats

What would it feel like to take your team from flat to inspired; disconnected to synergy; scattered to focused; comparing to creative; lethargic to productive?


"Power Redefined"

"A friend and I formed a mastermind group of five amazing women about a year ago. Two of us were working with Shelley and eventually the others wanted to know what we were doing. The changes in our lives and in our incomes was evident and they “wanted what we were having.” 

Shelley has such an incredible way of working, especially with energy. it felt comfortable to be vulnerable, to be frustrated, to really be anything you wanted to be. 

Each of our lives changed profoundly in that weekend. We became very intentional about our lives. Some of us changed the way we thought about how we "work" and others how they thought about issues in their personal lives. In truth, it was both for everyone, the two are so intertwined. And that was one of the huge break throughs for us in the retreat. How we live life personally really affects how we serve our work lives."

brandY, mccall retreat

"The Genius in Your Station"

“We had the pleasure of having Shelley create and teach a workshop for my Salon. "The Genius in Your Station" catalyzed profound change in all of us individually and as a company of independent contractors. 

Bringing energetic transformation, mindfulness, and group meditation into my work space was really scary at first. But it was so beautiful to see how honest and open people felt comfortable to be.

Competitiveness among my independent contractors all but disappeared and cooperation and mutual support took its place. Clients have commented on how different it feels.

I had people leave and new people show up with ease and flow bringing into alignment my vision of I wanted my business to feel and be and how I want to be in it."

Deanna Reed, Owner of Arabella Salon

One Day Dive with Shelley 

inquire about one day dive

Choose a one day or ½ day dive in person.

  • A concentrated experience from 3-6 hours designed with your intentions in mind.
  • A retreat experience gives us the opportunity to change more all at once, rather than over a longer period of time. To go deeper, farther, broader, and higher.
  • The day will include guided time together, and individual time for you to reflect and digest what is changing. 
  • For individuals, the day can include hiking, sailing, or a spa according your preferred adventure.
  • Choose this as a stand-alone experience or in addition to your 3, 6, or 12-month program.

*Please note, all hotel fees, travel and expenses are separate and additional.

- David Whyte

“Genius is becoming who you were all         ”


- Rumi

“You dance inside my chest where no one sees you. But I do. And that dance becomes this       ” 


- Steven Pressfield, The War of Art

“Our job in this lifetime is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we             we ought to be. But to find out who we already are and become it.”