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Destiny’s Edge

Sometimes we need to be reminded that our greatness is immutable. That we have untapped latent abilities. That at any moment, you can make space to begin listening to yourself, to life, if you haven’t been. Or change the channel if you’ve been listening and you’re ready for something new.

Life is an art. And like art, every life has its elements that seem out of scale, too saturated, chipped, or are an unfamiliar hue. Those imperfections can be morphed into masterpieces.

Destiny’s Edge is a piece I wrote in 2013 as a chapter for an Amazon bestseller published with 21 other women. I’ve published it here as a standalone free resource for a dose of inspiration that reminds you to craft your life with play, space, and stillness as much as with action to create your masterpiece deliberately.

I hope you enjoy it.

Donna Eden's Daily Energy Routine

The 9 energy systems of our bodies need daily hygiene the same as brushing our teeth or taking a shower. We live in an electromagnetic universe. Every day we experience this in varying frequencies among people, pesticides, EMFs, hormones, etc. all of which our bodies are metabolizing and can leave us balanced or imbalanced. Donna’s system is a staple I recommend to my clients. What is “over” responding will come down and what is “under” responding will come up. You can add in additional moves that are easily found online to customize what you need to sustain balance for your unique system. 

EFT Tapping Map

I trained extensively in tapping in 2004 with Gary Craig, working with addiction, human potential, serious diseases, teaching customized workshops, and certifying people as practitioners at the time. This tool is such a powerful one for your toolbox, lasering in, and so easy to shift your state and perspective. Use it to dissolve habits, embolden your intentions and
goals, eliminate anxiety, impatience, fear and so on while increasing your ability to love, for example. As the adage goes, try it on everything. I make sure each of my clients have this in their toolbox to use on their own, while I work in various ways during calls and workshops.
You’ll find a video on how to do it here.

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"Shelley's writings have a depth and a life-force from which to contemplate my own life. They have made an extraordinary difference in how I move through life."

— Paul Sunderlund, Ski Instructor