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Your Soul In Business

"Your Soul in Business is really about your soul in life!” 

— Karen Brown, JB Associates

"After Your Soul in Business, I no longer needed to chase my significance."


Discover the essence of what you uniquely give the world,

 Create from a place that makes you feel alive, truly connected to who you are and what you're here for.

There is an experience that your best clients, customers, patients, friends, kids and people who interact with you are having through working with you, through being with you, regardless of the profession you are in. 

It is intangible and it is powerful. 

You may sell widgets, write, be a parent, or you may be a physician. But what they are actually coming for, and the charge you get out of it, is a deeper experience that they have and you enjoy giving. 

It is something you can grow, expand, and rest in. It is the essence of you that looks for practical & blissful expression every day.

It is completely intrinsic to you. An esoteric perspective of your particular gift to the world that will show you the light and shadow of all your life experiences, making sense of them and their extraordinary value.

That is what you are about to discover through the Your Soul in Business course. 


here's what to expect:

Using your response to questions about your joys (Outer Element) and struggles (Inner Element) in life, I will help you discover the essence of what you give, and put it into words that makes you feel alive and truly connected to who you are and what you're here for. 

It won’t be about what you’re “supposed to do” or any pre-conceived position—a writer, a doctor, healer, travel, go to school, or any such thing. It will affirm who you are — the essence of your intrinsic gift — which may take many forms. 

You will learn your greatest strength, discerned from the key pattern of pain you have experienced in life, that fuels your gift, giving you deep clarity and understanding of your life experience and the gift you are to this lifetime. 

You’ll have a plum line by which to make choices and decisions. 

A self-understanding that undergirds your life’s expression as you expand on, integrate and fully internalize your Outer and Inner Elements.

outer and inner elements.

I created and taught 'Your Soul in Business' during live retreats for several years & received rave reviews in how it transformed people’s understanding of themselves.
I am now making it available as a self-guided course,
with the opportunity to have a 1:1 session with me to help you discern your Elements.

Self-Guided Business Course

“Oh yeah, that’s totally who you are."

This is a common response when previous students share what they learn in Your Soul in Business with a trusted friend or significant other. Before, you didn’t have the words or tools to find the internal clarity needed. Now you do.

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✦ Instructions and a questionnaire for discovering your Outer Element, the gift you give by being you.
✦ Instructions and a questionnaire for your Inner Element, your greatest strength and the way to fuel your gift.
✦ Learn the Three Intrinsic Impulses that govern purpose.
✦ Learn to give from your value instead of to be valued.
✦ Gain or strengthen your Foundation of Energy.
✦ Learn the Four Keys to Living with your Your Soul in Business Elements in all of life.
✦ Understand the way your Inner and Outer Elements work together with your Feelings, Intentions, and Soul.
✦ Create a mind-map that visually brings it all together for your everyday application and reminders.
✦ Course Outline of videos and written content to follow.

the course includes:

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