Magic and Infinities

Magic and Infinities

To make magic, you don’t necessarily have to believe it exists. Most days I come across someone who is being magical, whether they realize it or not. And the ones who don’t realize it can be the most fun.

Magic is thought of as something supernatural.
“We are made to hold infinity,” said Brian Andreas in his simple and inspirational book, Songs of Starlight. 
“All you need to do, he says whimsically, to have a magical life:

  1. Stop hiding
  2. Seriously, stop hiding. No more lies. No more secrets. No more being addicted to what people think. (Warning!! Do not read #3 until after you do this. Even though you & I both know you will. But it won’t do you any good. Oh well. Go ahead.)
  3. You never aren’t in a magical life. So yeah. Now go back and start with #1.”

There are many ingredients to a magical life. Why does it matter? So that we are creating a world where spirit and matter, the mystical and physical, the magical and practical, the supernatural and the mundane thrive as one. From the boardroom to the bedroom.
So that we are not checking our humanity and all its possibilities at the door of our workplace, or our parenthood, or classroom, or hospitable room, or in any relationship, leaving some part of ourselves behind and out of the equation. If we diminish our own humanity, we are by extension in some way diminishing that of others.

Practicality is fine and good. But we’ve all experienced the feeling, for example, at a basketball game where whatever tipped the ball into the net in the last second of overtime can’t be explained. When someone lifts a car off of another. When someone passes you on the sidewalk and you suddenly feel inspired.

We need the unexplainable, mystery if you will, to light us up, to move us into our optimum, out of our limitation of time, space, and what’s proven, and into our infinities, our supernaturalness, or magic.
At one time it was thought that the brain you were born with was the brain you die with. Now we know, thanks to research results for about the last decade, that the brain is neuro-plastic. Meaning, we are constantly changing the structure of our brain and therefore our bodies and lives, with every thought, feeling, choice, experience, energetic transformation, and all that we learn, unlearn and reinforce.
You can transform your brain from trauma, rigidity, or bitterness for example to bliss, safety, creativity, and teach yourself and choose environments where you can sustain such states. The videos demonstrating under a microscope how quickly, often instantly, our synapses change, for example through meditation, are fascinating. 
You are constantly making, reinforcing or trimming synapses in your brain that reinforce a perspective, a trauma, love, safety, creativity, disease, judgment, limitation, prosperity or health, for example. When I am working with people, these synapses are changing constantly.

“To attain knowledge, add things every day.
To attain wisdom, remove things every day.”
~Lao Tzu

More from Brian’s book…“I want to learn magic, I said. Where do I start? My grandfather looked up from the book he was reading. Stop learning all the stuff that’s not magic, he said. It’ll be easier than having to forget it all later.” 

Magic (the supernatural, mysterious, mystical) often flashes through a moment, moving sparks around between people, words, and events. Then bounces on to the next willing vessels. It is also a learnable way of being. Magic is one of those controversial words that people love to love, or love to hate. I’ve chosen it purposely, of course, for that reason.
Its taboo is its gift, though, helping it move about finding willing hearts (and brains), touching in to change a situation and moving on. You can call it by a name that feels more palatable to you and unwoo—a logical course of events, your higher nature, a mindset, luck, serendipity, grace, providence, good fortune, a job well done, an answer to prayer, synchronicity, your guardian angel, peace, lack of resistance…. 
By whatever name you call it, magic moves the brain into states that change your life.
We are all holograms of a greater self. That greater self shines from within, and out through the perspectives and experiences we hold like the filtered light of sun through the leaves of the trees. It’s rays land with the shape they’ve filtered through.
Your greater self is as constant as the sun, seeking expression, and using the data that it moves through within you to shape its expression. It’s completely unconditional! So why not give it gold?
Magic, by whatever name you call it, is there to help you let go of your littleness. To send it down river into the ocean of transmutation where it is picked up again to rain on you with freshness, new perspective, and delight. Or to shape it into a sunlight-through-the-trees self that lights your way.
Magic is never not there for you. You were made for these infinities.

A few more suggestions for your magical life:

  • Practice the feeling of gratitude, with or without words, and observe how it changes you, how you spontaneously become it and express it.
  • Stop pretending to be grateful.
  • Meditate on the feeling of bliss.
  • Stop complaining, criticizing, judging, ripping things and people apart, focusing on how you don’t want things to be.
  • Meditate on the feeling of being free of grief, grudges, resentment…and filled with freedom, accomplishment, love, creativity, or…
  • Write down everything you want, including the characteristics of love you want in your life. Then become it.
  • Unlearn what isn’t magic.
  • Whatever is happening now that feels good, imagine it multiplied by 10.
  • Meditate on your intentions then let go of them like a balloon.
  • Watch how practicality thrives on magic when you include it, intend it, become it. Grocery shopping? Magic. Make it a game.
  • Observe how the people in your life thrive on magic, without explaining anything.
  • Surround yourself with magic makers.

Here’s to more of You in this world, 


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