Love & Trauma

You may have noticed a lot online these days about healing trauma. It’s been a key subject, in particular, since the pandemic. 

Though fear and excitement run on the same channel, sometimes it takes more than the flip of a switch, especially with layers of trauma, to restart the circuitry of love and bliss as reality. And yet, that is our nature—quantum, divine, human, by whatever name you call it, we have a built-in capacity, design, for bliss. It is our home plate, if you will.

The more we are able to dwell there, the richer and deeper our relationships become. The more fulfilling and brilliant our work and businesses become. The healthier our bodies become. The better our world becomes. Though we sometimes need to retrain our systems to sustain that feeling state, it is more than worth the quality of life that goes with it.

To the yogi, reality is bliss. To the westerner, it seems bliss is thought of, generally speaking, as a hopeful idea, a peak state. But not something sustainable day to day. 

What if it is?

“Any step in the direction of personal evolution loosens the grip that memory has on us. If you want to know what blocks you from experiencing bliss, joy, fulfillment, love, and creativity, the chief culprit is memory.” ~ Deepak Chopra, MD Reinventing Life

The body (including your brain) is a protective vessel. Conscious and wise in its own right, it remembers the past and wants to protect you. It will give you symptoms and even shove things into the outer limbs and areas of the body to protect the inner core of essential organs that keep you going—like your heart, liver, and so on. It will keep you on a neutral, anxious, or stressed feeling state as protection. That is, until you dissolve the reasons it is holding those states.

You know it is you who must run the show. Not by shoving trauma and memories to the back 40 of your mind. By engaging them (not re-living them) to dissolve them from existence, being the detective for your own bliss, transmuting energetically the memories, patterns, and conditioning that show up in the present into the wisdom and freedom they have the potential to impart to you. In order that you become greater, in charge of your life force, integrated instead of disassociated. In bliss instead of on neutral or anything less.

This is important, because it can be easy to see personal evolution as the focus on what needs fixing. But remember where we’re going…home plate. This is the vision. First, second and third base may be a lot of things over a lifetime—healing a dis-ease, starting a business, prosperity, love, travel, weight, joint aches, speaking to thousands, your golf score. Ultimately though, they are all meant to come from and take you to home plate—authentic, organic, bliss.

“The night was so quiet, there was nothing either of us needed to add.” ~ Brian Andreas, Songs of Starlight

In a conversation years ago with a dear friend who was raised in the dry midwestern way, we were talking about bliss. As I described my fiery, leo, west-coast version of bliss, like an inner artesian well that has the ability to flow outward into exuberance and enthusiasm, she said, “Oh, we don’t do that in Minnesota.”

We laughed, but she was serious. Bliss as a state of being isn’t always bubbling over, though for you it may. It may also be the quietness of a night where there is nothing to add. Midwestern or middle eastern, bliss is a buzz of aliveness, joy, through your core that has modes of expression aligned for every moment—and every individual. It is a state of consciousness and being where your energy and circuitry are vibrant, feeling in love with life, secure, light-hearted.

The body tells us a story—both as a vessel that we are in charge of and as our teacher. The heart meridian, for example, runs down the pinky finger. The pericardium meridian (the protective sack around the heart that can hold trauma or safety/love) runs down the middle finger.

Between them is the all-important triple warmer that runs down the ring finger. This meridian is the fight, flight, freeze or fawn (trauma) meridian. However, and this is a big however, the triple warmer can also be a radiant circuit, as Donna Eden has so skillfully taught us. 

The radiant circuits, or extraordinary flows, or strange flows as they are also called in various systems, support and run the energy of extraordinary joy, love, bliss, and wellbeing. Guess what happens as we become attentive to our own bliss, dissolve trauma and strengthen these radiant circuits? They sustain the vibrations of bliss and joy.

Though there is more involved in our bliss than triple warmer, this is an informative symbology. The same meridian that takes the hit for us in every little and big trauma is also central to our ability to feel bliss, to bring our heart, pericardium and nervous system back into oneness, safety, love, then bliss, in so many different expressions—smiles, productivity, focus, giddiness, relaxation, peace, stillness, vitality, trust, physical energy, enthusiasm, creativity, kindness, joy, leanness, prosperity and the like.

You have so many tools available to you these days to laser in on trauma. But so much more than that…to evolve your life into grander versions of love and bliss just by taking care of your evolution, training your energy systems, then every aspect of your life, to sustain the circuitry of bliss. Imagine what happens in your business, your relationships, your conversations when you are running on this frequency? 

Your intention then, and intention is the power behind everything we endeavor, is not just to heal a thing—to get past the weight, the trauma, the business conundrum, the heart dis-ease, the church argument, the love stuff, the debt, the pain, the employee change, on first, second and third base. There is so much more if you would only drive it home.

To bliss, where an ever-greater version of yourself than you have yet imagined, always abides.

Here’s to more of You in the world, ❤️


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