The Old & The Now

The frequencies of the universe are ancient and eternal. Bliss, kindness, love, integrity, flow, peace, as well as the darker frequencies of hatred, sabotage, jealousy and so forth. They are ancient and available to us at all times. 

In one way they are unchanging, but in another, they adapt for the time, or more accurately, for where humanity is in time.

The world changed during the pandemic. A lot of sorting was going on. Many people experienced life fairly normal during those years. Others went through traumatic events. I’ve heard stories of fire destroying everything…memorabilia, records of a childhood, the oasis of home, an identity. The loss of loved ones. Severe health issues. A lifetime’s assets lost during divorce, and more stories like them.

Meanwhile, others realized in all that time together how much they loved each other, that they wanted to get married, move together to a new state, go a different direction with their career, spend more time with their kids, or let go of relationships.

Jean Houston, and many other leaders, affirm what we all feel. That we are at a crossroads, as individuals and as humanity. It sparks in my mind’s eye Tom Hanks in the last scene of the movie Cast Away. Looking in all four directions, we are left to wonder which way he’ll go. 

But after all the effort to reclaim the life he had before the accident, it is the artist woman in the red ’55 Ford pickup that gives us a clue of which way he’ll turn. And it isn’t back to the old life. 

This is a decision we may not realize we are making often, sometimes daily, sometimes moment to moment.

The old life had many good things. Routines, friendships, a beautiful home, financial assets, a world traveling career, things treasured and associated with good memories, love. When it is suddenly gone, the shock of it all can create a spin and an effort from good motive to recreate what was or to try to let go and just move on.

Bliss is still available to us, but it won’t be the same as before. It must be decidedly Better. Stronger. Deeper. Wiser. 

“I want to know God’s thoughts. The rest are details.” ~Albert Einstein, Physicist, Author, Genius

The other day during my run, a man was playing fetch with his dog on the beach. The man stood on the beach and threw the float tied to a rope way out into the river. His golden retriever swam out to, well, retrieve it. Then, instead of swimming back to the man on shore, he started swimming up river, against the current in the deep water. 

The guy was calling louder, more forcefully for his dog to return, growing more concerned. But the dog ignored him and kept swimming against the current.

Though others were chatting that the dog was confused or lost and may not make it back, it was clear to me the dog was simply captivated by curiosity. A large metal object had lodged itself in the river and shown above the surface, even at that depth.

Though it took him a while to swim against the current that few feet to the metal object—a nerve-racking while for his owner and onlookers—sure enough, as soon as the dog reached the metal barrel-looking object, sniffed it, touched it, and his curiosity was satisfied, he turned and swam to shore.

We humans do something similar with what we call the old, the past, the unfinished, pain, conundrums, conditioning, traumas and shocks. We hang out in a sort of curiosity, however uncomfortable, until we have what we need from the event.

Yes, we need tools and help to heal. AND, when those questions are answered—when we know, for example, we are no longer that; when we know in our being, not just our brain, the truth of the unlimited, that the assets will multiply more plentiful than before; when we know we can forgive without making ourselves vulnerable to the same pain; when we know there are richer friendships waiting; when we get a taste of the new business or career direction; when curiosity is satisfied we let go and swim to shore (move forward). 

The future that was once feared or dreaded, with no passion left to go forward, becomes a game or an adventure, with access to a new, now, passion. Like the dog ignored his owner, come what may, until his curiosity was satisfied, you, too, will likely swim upstream until your deeper questions and energies are healed or answered and then swim easily to shore. 

Not to a superficial bliss that is only attitude deep, that takes you back to what was, that has “moved on” or disassociated. To a deep new frequency of bliss that is for the Now. That has “satisfied” or completed, or integrated the trauma, the perspective, and “the old.” And ushered in the Now bliss that can buzz through your core for a new life and a newly emerging world.

We can shorten the time it takes to do so, sometimes into no time at all. The old becomes the Now as we transmute open questions and wounds into knowing and new versions of ourselves. 

The Bliss that it is available to us today is perhaps not so much a new bliss as a Now bliss. As ancient and eternal as ever, yet it won’t be the same as before. It must be decidedly Better. Stronger. Deeper. Wiser. Richer and ever-evolving.

Here’s to more of You in the world, ❤️


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