You know the moment in a movie where the lead character is staring over a canyon with the enemy fast approaching at her back. She must decide in a moment whether to sling an arrow from her bow, go left, right, leap where she can’t see the bottom and trust in potential freedom, or be overtaken by the enemy.

Our victories in life, when we’ve really transformed something to its source, are like that. There’s nothing to go back to, within and without, internally and externally. Because you know if there is, you will. It’s how the human psyche works. At least until you transform the synapses that hold the old pattern. 

Not that our transformations are all that tense. Yet, the closer you get to its completion, large or small, it may get a little uncomfortable because you no longer fit the old existence. 

In truth, there is the quantum Now. We use parameters of time and direction here to help us define where we are. Backwards, forwards, east, west and so on. Ultimately, though, what may feel painful if you stay where you are or go backward, is more the contrast between contraction and expansion, the fear turned to love through expansion. Expansion in every direction.

“Do not follow where the path may lead.
Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

You are here for a life, a transformation, creations, healings, evolution, magic, an expression that no one ever has or ever will experience. It is uniquely yours, no matter how much we find correlations. 

You are here for victories that are completely yours and that benefit us all. The jungles you slash through, the trails you blaze, the canyons you leap, the rivers you forge.

At this moment, a client is planning his next few months of travel. Just a few months ago, he was exhausted, working in a toxic corporation, wanting a sabbatical, but afraid to lose his reputation or make the wrong move in his successful, well-respected career.

As we worked, his fear and multiple questions and reasons why it couldn’t work went away and the sabbatical kept changing shape. He crafted his future by intention of the elements he needed—out of a toxic company, severance, travel, time off, clarity about new work and a way out that felt good, agreed on both sides.

He got it. And in a mutually beneficial agreement that has him singing all the way to his bike packing trip, Australia, and the various other plans he has for the next few months while he’s talking with new companies about a new position.

He has no place to go back to. He’s on a new trajectory. And he did it from the inside out.

Ironically, that is when we feel most at home, because we belong within ourselves. And we have all the external loves of community, work, purpose…too.

Your turn.

Here’s to more of You in the world, ❤️


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