Star Seed

Star Seed ~

Everything that exists is made of some combination of the elements found in the periodic table. We are the same thing and we are not the same thing. Even two daffodils, two humans or two stars are unique from each other.

A friend asked me how I see 2023 shaping up. 2023 feels like a year of synthesis. A year full of opportunity to materialize, to translate the significant recent changes personally and collectively—including loss, gain, vision, perspectives, health, relationships, and wisdom. —into seeds of beginnings taking deep and magical root.

A garlic bulb left to go to seed in a garden produces many times more seeds than the bulb it came from. Likewise the changes in your life. What will you plant? When stars use up their fuel, they burn up like a supernova (shooting star) and their elements become available in the atmosphere. The same elements of the periodic table that are found in our bodies or a daffodil.

It may seem drab to bring a star down to a mix of carbon and nitrogen. But as with all things, stars are animated with something that weaves them into expression, just as we are. It is no small thing that a daffodil knows to be a daffodil instead of a turkey.

The veil, as they say, is thin. The concept of spiritual and material reality being one thing instead of being seen as separate has been rippling its way through the pond of collective consciousness for some time now. Even those not directly learning or interested in this concept are picking up on it from the field of collective shift. We’ve been learning about our authentic, creative power. Playing with it, experimenting with it. Watching some self-destruct. Manifesting. Destroying. Perceiving.

Now the charge is to know this authentic power. To know the creative power inherent in your every thought because you are not just creative, you are creativity itself unfolding. You are star seeds making new heavenly bodies. Pun intended.

We need our esoteric understanding, magic if you will, to translate readily into material reality that “matters” for your staff of hundreds. Your revenue for the year. The relationships you build next. The health you shape now. Your house, your town, your creative projects.

The other day I received a message out of the blue from someone I met briefly at a conference four years ago. He thanked me for a few simple words spoken in the midst of a general conversation about business…that a life without shame and guilt was available to him. 

Since then, he has raised 10 million in equity for his company and merged a tech company into his company. He saw that comment as a companion ringing in his mind among growing sources of support, companions and opportunity–material and emotional–that arrived on time. 

Most importantly, he translated the esoteric, or mystical, a comment about what he didn’t have to carry, into how that might be affecting the material reality–economics, scale, relationship–of his life and business.

Another friend and colleague is translating her chosen freedom from a long-term difficult business partnership into the expression of the company that is now hers alone. Hers to populate with her own vision, with new hires and people of like mind making a massive difference in their customer’s lives because they are coherently working together, while she now is energized.

It is true that we are one, containing the same elements as the stars. And it is true that we are separate, each with our own star to be. The distinction is important because the star seed that you are and the star seed you become runs through all of us.

Here’s to more of you in this world,

Shelley ❤️

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