Power Of One

Power of One ~

There are schools of thought that debunk the idea of anyone being gifted, or that anyone is more gifted than another. The view is that we are all gifted or intuitive for example, emphasizing the power of the collective over the individual. 

While on one level that may be true, on another we wouldn’t hesitate to be awed by the beauty of a mountain as distinct from another or a tulip; or ignore the uniqueness of art that stopped us in our tracks, a book that changed our lives, or a brilliant mountain bike design that made the ride super comfortable. 

So why would we hesitate to recognize or be awed by the individual, the gifts of another human being?

It is interesting that the root, or etymology, of the words unique and unity are the same—one or oneness. Yet their meanings can be paradoxical in practice. 

Uniqueness refers to how one stands out in some way, what is distinct about them. The individual. The word extraordinary has its roots in the same meaning, to be unique.

Unity refers to our ability to operate together cohesively, being of one mind.

Unity is born of the wholeness of the individual otherwise you have uniformity, not unity. 

One cell in the human body can be the beginning of havoc and one cell can be the beginning of vitality.

Uniqueness, then, is extremely valuable. Not to mention that we use it for marketing, for dating, breeding animals and plants, and sports, for example. 

“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.” 
― Margaret Mead

At the same time, there is nothing like the buzz of a whole team being on the same page and the fluid movement between them. There wouldn’t be a Michael Jordan without a team. He didn’t play the whole game by himself. Nor could his team of been what they were without his extraordinary uniqueness.

To move forward effectively and creatively, every business, organization or relationship (including the relationship you have with yourself), must operate relatively as one. Otherwise it’s like trying to run a three-legged race while being in different rhythms…you become a lump on the ground.

So how can you play this week, throughout your life,  with one and one? Growing in the uniqueness and power of your individuality while growing in the power of oneness of whatever teams, organizations, or relationships you are a part of (that must obviously be invested in growing you, too). 

What else would be possible then?

Here’s to more of you in this world,

Shelley ❤️

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