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“I finally realized it wasn’t me that was unable to get to the top of the wake in my business. When I released the person I had working for me that was holding my company back, the Flow opened inside me and around me.”
It was a pivotal moment when “Rachel” realized she was trying to change something that didn’t belong to her (which never works). As a veteran of transformation and creating her life deliberately, she was really good at taking responsibility for her life and not as good at realizing what wasn’t her responsibility. You can’t change what doesn’t belong to you and it’s essential to discern the difference.

She had wrapped up 2022 a couple months before ’23 arrived and was turning the corner of a new year with magic in mind. Reflecting on where she had been and what she accomplished in 2022 and looking forward with creations for 2023, she didn’t expect the ending–or the beginning–that arrived.
The moment she spoke of in the first paragraph was a new angle on paying attention to the subtleties—what’s happening between the lines of life so to speak, in the energy, the feeling, and what went unspoken, unfelt in the smokescreen of physical reality. 
“I am so grateful for where we got to in our last call and being able to let her [employee] go. I finally saw what was really going on—and the real key—what wasn’t! I saw what was mine to change and what wasn’t after all these years of employing her. I realized her subtle and not so subtle behaviors—entitlement, resistance, subtle b.s. and so on, as well as my loyalty to her–all cloaked in busyness, good words and well, whatever. It kept my company successful but to me, mediocre, with me doing a lot of work that was unnecessary.”
In science, the subtle realm is described as what cannot be discerned by our 5 physical senses—sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell—and must be sensed or felt. You could call it the 6th sense, but that hardly seems definitive or large enough, since our physical senses are noting maybe 1% of reality and our 6th sense is tuned in, or can be tuned in, to all the rest. Mind blowing? Good.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift.
The rational mind is a faithful servant.
We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”
~Albert Einstein, Physicist

The so-called 6th sense is an infinite realm of its own. To live life optimally, your 6th sense is meant to be the leader of your life, not the sidekick. The gift, as Einstein put it, and not the servant. The filter through which you discern the rest of your physical senses. This is a foundational shift for being effective–and magical–in your conscious, created-on-purpose amazing life for which you are here.
This is not woo. All of life works this way. As on the macro, so on the micro. As above, so below. For example, we see only a small percentage (less than 1%) of the light spectrum with our physical eyes, while the other 99% is in the subtle realm (outside our physical eyesight) such as infrared, ultraviolet, radio waves, and so on. Waves that we use to function every day, I might note.
The same analogy can be loosely applied to your life (since we don’t have studies and exact percentages that I know of). If you live life leading with your physical senses, you are missing the 99% of life going on beyond them–the 99% that can support your unexplored potentials, bliss, health and creative spark (and it does support you). It doesn’t matter how good life is already. It is like an ever-blooming flower–there are always more petals to unfold.

The 1% may mean governing your life by statistics, economic and even environmental reports, the productivity of an employee, the flowery words of someone you love, or history. Meanwhile, the 99% is unformed potential waiting for your vision (all of our visions), your thoughts and feelings to be imprinted upon it to take form in this moment, this year, this life, for you–as you.
We are all using our 6th sense whether we realize it or not. The feeling you get about a new job, waking up at 3am with the solution to the machine your fixing, knowing your kid is hiding something in the back of her pants, the download you receive for a new perspective about the labor “issues” in your company, the idea for your next sculpture, holding high thoughts for a friend in need… 
Learning to use this sense on purpose, making it the leader of your life and the rest of your senses in service to it, is a key aspect of living in your optimum. Then applying it to your physical, practical, everyday life with skill and wisdom. 
On the surface, Rachel’s employee, the top person in the company, was high productivity and high creativity and seemed as if she was “doing so much” for the company. Yet it wasn’t taking any load off of Rachel’s plate. She was working really hard and wondering why her company wasn’t getting better results. 
The energy told a different story of the integrity missing from the employee. Rachel realized her blind loyalty when she actually felt guilty, drained, frustrated and had been doubting herself for no reason. This is what was going on in the subtle realms unspoken and unnoticed when she was no longer mesmerized by the smokescreen of productivity on the physical plane. She had been empathically absorbing this employee’s projections of “crud” not realizing what didn’t belong to her. 
Free of those thought fields, emotions and pattern, she saw the relationship with clarity, what was sucking the life out of her and her company and keeping her spinning on what felt like mediocre. 
“So much is happening in my company since we made that shift, and I let her go. The lid has come off. Customers and opportunities coming in. I am so creative, so much more productive, everything is easier. I feel more free and powerful than I have felt in a long time. It had been building to that point with our work together. Then once she was gone, the floodgates have opened within and around me.”
“I love the new person and what she is already making happen in my company. I am free. Free to create, free to delegate, free to orchestrate, free to be productive and be the transformational business owner and leader that I am. Magic is definitely my word for the year.”
May new aspects of your optimum, your magic reveal themselves to you. Sort 2022 for all its gold. Gratitude for all that you accomplished–it may surprise you. Grace and a flip in perspective for what you didn’t, because that is gold, too. And a New list of intentions for 2023 that feels even more deeply into what matters to you, to the subtleties of your inner wisdom and “6th sense”, making room only for what lights your heart on fire, for your life-on-optimum. 

Here’s to more of you in this world,

Shelley ❤️

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