Live In The Gold

Pure Synthesis~

In the ancient art of alchemy, whether you see it as real or mythical, was the idea that base metals could be made into gold.
Gold is a pure metal. Not an amalgam. Not an alloy. To transform base metals to such a state means they no longer exist in their previous form. In mainstream science and thinking, that’s impossible.
But you don’t live there. We have walked as a globe through the transformative time of the pandemic. And wherever you have walked in your evolution through the years or even if you’re new to the conscious and evolutionary life, there are likely big endings and beginnings happening for you as well.
In mechanical terms, it’s impossible to make gold from base metals. They remain what they are for the duration of their existence. Not so in the quantum, the conscious, with energy. 
In other words, you don’t have to bring even the remnants with you. Not even the fumes of wherever you’ve been. Only the wisdom, the gold, the truth of you. Nothing to manage. Nothing to work around.
Pure synthesis. 
Here’s to a profound and playful 2023…living in the gold.

Here’s to more of you in this world,

Shelley ❤️

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