On The Other Side

When fear shows up, you know you are at a threshold. First questions to ask yourself are, what is it leading you away from and what it is leading you toward? This is true whether it is a business fear, money, relationship, health or otherwise.
Why does fear show up in the first place in all its disguises? Because you’re potentially moving beyond your current state of being, state of function, status quo. And if you’ve set a big intention or goal, you must change in some way to become it. Bud to Bloom. 
Whether fear is internally generated or externally projected toward you, what is the feeling you have, the intuitive sense, about what is on the other side?

“Miracles do not defy the laws of matter. 
Rather, they demonstrate deeper laws that science has not yet grasped. 
[but the mystics always have.]  
What we think of as miracles are simply 
the conscious extension of the power we use 
to continuously shape our own physical bodies and the power waves 
we use to shape matter.” ~Joseph Selbie, The Physics of God

To catalyze miracles, the velocity of your intention for your future, the feeling you sustain, must be greater than your fear of the future, what you might “lose”, of what ifs, of …fill in the blank. 
The secret sauce is to simultaneously be completely unattached and in the knowing and feeling it has already happened. Physical issue? Solved. Relationship intention? Done. Legal issue? Complete and feeling good.
We connect with this by repatterning our energy through meditation, intuitive transmutation, tapping and various tools. This creative life, or we could call it the conscious life, the intentional life, the playful life, is the life where you’re taking full responsibility for yourself as a creator instead of living passively. 
Where you shed the child relationship with the universe and move into an adult partnership. It is transmuting subconscious debris and elevating and expanding the conscious mind continuously, moving from competing for life’s resources to generating resources, or otherwise said, catalyzing miracles. This is true power.
When you’re living this life and fear rises, the bud stage is the intensity of the fear. The blossom is the fear revealed into its purpose. 

“An awake heart is like a sky that pours light.” ~Hafiz

As a creator, you move beyond funneling something that already exists toward you. And instead, you are generating what is not yet physical (quantum) into physical reality to take form for your sake. 
“What you can plan is too small for you to live. What you can live wholeheartedly will make plans enough for the vitality hidden in your sleep.” ~David Whyte
What are you willing to bring into being for your own sake? (Knowing it is benefitting all involved as well.) What do you hold in a bud stage that is ready to blossom?
I guarantee you, there is a bigger version of you on the other side. The unknown will always hold a truer reflection of you than you are in right now. And the evolutionary, energetic shift you make is to let go into it, to be it, to receive it.
Here’s a powerful and practical exercise to play with for any fear, small or huge, old or new. Get a piece of paper and pen or pencil. Write this title at the top:
What’s on the other side of my fear?
Underneath that write:
            Name the fear: 
And fill in the blank. Your fear may be simple or it may have many aspects. Write all the pieces going through your head. For example, “I’m afraid that… and if that happens this happens, and this and this. You may be afraid of the effect of the recession on your investments or being alone, or a staffing issue, or a loved one’s health… Name all the pieces of the fear.
In the next section, I want you to respond intuitively. Write the first question. Feel it. Then drop below that to write the next question and respond intuitively. If you respond from your head it won’t get you anywhere. Feel it.
Here are the questions:
          What if that didn’t happen?
Then write: 
          Then what WOULD happen?
And respond intuitively. Write in free flow. You might find yourself surprised of your clarity. This is what’s true. This is what you thought was unknown. As you embody your glimpse of the unknown and realize the goodness you’re avoiding, it will help you dissolve the fears above, changing you and preparing you to sustain your new reality, on what used to be the other side.

Here’s to more of you in this world,

Shelley ❤️

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