Make Room for Surprises~

I like to let things go to seed when I garden. The arugula, cilantro, and tomatoes, for example, seem to come up earlier and heartier than if I’d planted them in spring. They’re like little surprises and gifts all through my garden.
Winter’s dormancy (whether in life or in the seasons) is like a metaphorical incubator for surprises, beginnings we hadn’t anticipated from seeds almost forgotten. 
Though the challenging or neutral times may feel like nothing is happening, keep going with your practice, because everything is happening. Like squirrels planting their treasures for winter and forgetting where they left them, leaving you with a walnut tree in the grapes. 
We, too, forget about the seeds we plant until they pop up in some surprising serendipity. In conversation with a client recently, he remarked on where he wanted to go in the call, addressing some frustrations with his company and moving his work forward. 
Meanwhile he almost forgot to tell me about all the successes and synchronicities that had transpired in the last few weeks, until they filtered into the conversation one by one.
He decided to end a mismatched relationship, had a very direct conversation with his supervisor, and was contacted by a recruiter out of the blue for what looks to be an ideal situation in a new company.
His Fortune 500 job had become dissatisfying to say the least. But the shifts he kept making within himself were paying off, literally. Now he stands to work at a company where he is inspired as well inspiring others among many other benefits.
As he became bigger than his environment, his dissatisfaction increased and another offer came in. Whatever comes of it, he is on a role.
We are rarely aware of all the seeds we are planting as we transform and transcend in our evolutionary lives. But they are there, being watered and incubated for just the right moment of emergence, in some place, in some way you hadn’t expected.

Taking stock of what is happening for you keeps you attuned to the surprises, the sprouts you hadn’t expected, making room for them in your lives so they don’t pass you by unnoticed.
I hope you like surprises. The universe is like that. 

Here’s to more of you in this world,

Shelley ❤️

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