A little boy came up to me the other day on the walk excited to show me the caterpillar in his hand. He was in a total state of wonder with his thick little glasses, sharing his new-found creature, and looking up into my eyes for my response. 

I was excited, too, as I loved finding wooly bear caterpillars when I was a kid and for some reason they are out in droves this year. He was proud of the fact that he’d held it long enough it felt safe to unfold from its protective ball and was crawling around exploring his hand. 
That little boy told me a lot about himself in that moment. 
In this season that begins the celebration of gratitude and gift giving in many cultures and versions around the world, I am grateful for little boys who burst out with wonder, for the profound, and cause for giddiness everywhere, for those among us who are a presence for unfolding. May we all be more of that.
In your gratitude for all things, remember to turn your gratitude inward as well, for your for your ability to wonder, to recognize beauty, for your power, for your conscious ability to unfold, to play, to feel the gamut of emotion, for all that you have accomplished and received and become this year.

Here’s to more of you in this world,


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