The Only One

“To be brave, we don’t need to be free from fear. We just need a purpose bigger than fear,” says the Bhagavad Gita, Hindu scriptures. 
“Human beings cannot live without challenge. We cannot live without meaning. Everything ever achieved we owe to this inexplicable urge to reach beyond our grasp, do the impossible, know the unknown,” say the Upanishads.
In our innate drive to reach beyond our grasp, we can be sure to meet with some sort of challenge, a puzzle, fear, doubt, unworthiness, naysayers–internal or external. 
You’re sense of possibility about your intention, your reach, may be a 10. However, if your honest sense of doubt in your true desire is 2 or 10 or 5, it pulls from possibility. If you’re dimming down your true desire instead of going for the gold, it for sure pulls from possibility. So then, tipping the scale between possibility and doubt is essential, unless you’d rather settle.
Your doubts come from the division you feel within yourself, between you and the universal energy. They are dissolved as you continue becoming, letting go of/dissolving what isn’t true about you and return to the wholeness of what is true. 
Doubts, then, could be considered catalysts that emerge from your dreams to help you stop seeing yourself as separate and make this mystical stuff practical from the boardroom to the bedroom. 
That is, to practice merging with your dreams and your future self as your reality—a dynamic and ever-evolving reality—be it your intentions around the labor issues in your company, to a new/improved relationship, changing your diet, achieving an athletic goal, or healing a dis-ease state. The mystical isn’t meant to be perceived as “out there,” but the substance and essence of everything. 
You are most likely natural at this in some way–merging with your future self and ideas. Other areas of your life will require you to “reach beyond your grasp.”

That, is your genius calling. Will you go? 
Theoretical Physicist David Bohm described what he called the implicate order as the undivided and dynamic wholeness of the universe. That everything is in a state of interconnectedness and “becoming” —including you. As we unfold that wholeness (genius) into new realities (such as your dreams made physical)—it becomes the explicate order, everything moving together constantly changing the future.
Your investment in your dreams, transmuting your doubts, your evolution means you are bringing your innate wholeness into being, allowing your genius to emerge for the life you are here for—which is never static, always dynamic, and changing with every moment.
How do you bring that into your corporate life, your retired life, your world-galavanting life, your parenting, selling houses, financial management, leadership, cooking and love life? How do you bring your mystical, maverick, evolving, fully alive self into your every day, every moment self?
“Be an architect of the impossible.” (Shelley Hawkins, Monday Wisdoms, 2019) 

Here’s to more of You making an amazing world,


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