One night one of the neighbor kids came to our back door. Mom answered and the neighbor girl started chatting her up while I stood watching and listening. Within a minute, mom asked, “what’s going on?” and headed outside. The girl, my playmate at times, was sent by her older brother to keep mom distracted while he and his little brothers were stealing raspberries.
Don’t get me wrong, the raspberries were worth stealing. And a more savvy thief wouldn’t have knocked on the door at all! But what made the neighbor kids feel entitled to the berries? Resort to a trick? Hypervigilant to get some? 
We can easily misunderstand what it means to feel worthy because it gets misconstrued with powerless groveling at one end of the spectrum and an arrogant, if not desperate, entitlement at the other with a vast land of possibility in between.
You may insist that you feel worthy because your current success and fulfillment is evidence. You wouldn’t dream of thinking you feel unworthy because you’ve equated unworthiness with groveling and weakness. Or you may hesitate with the idea of feeling worthier because it feels entitled, selfish, arrogant, materialistic and, you already have so much.
As you grow and expand, you may find unworthiness shows up as nothing so obvious as arrogance or groveling. It weaves itself through your current state of fulfillment like gossamer threads of opportunity floating through your life and awareness becoming visible only in the sun’s-light-just-right of new desires, dreams and self-understanding tickling your consciousness to wake up yet another aspect of you.
As the light on the gossamer thread of desire catches your eye, your worthiness is inherent in it as well. Another thread exchanged for a greater possibility, creatively woven by infinity and expressed as your life.
“You are a creative center from which increase is given off to all.”
~ Wallace Wattles
Worthiness by nature is both power-ful and humbling. Powerful because it owns your ability as a creator and the inner life you must develop to create on this plane intentionally. Humbling with the receiving of it all, the astonishing order of it all, the surprising ways things show up, that you could never arrange yourself. 
I asked a dear friend what it was that she shifted when she met the love of her life and married. When we first met, she wasn’t ready or interested. When she healed the reason she wasn’t ready or interested she said, “I felt worthy.” Now it brings her to tears, the humbling power and happiness of it all, for how wonderful the “rhythm of her life is” after dating for a few years and now being married for a few years.
Have you ever received something so generous and thoughtful from a friend, a parent, a stranger, or whomever—something you couldn’t return—and felt the overwhelming gratitude of it all? The humbling nature of what it is to simply receive, to receive so much? Now you’re touching on worthiness. This is a powerful frequency to create with. There’s nothing you must do or return or give back. It’s yours. Yours and all of ours to connect with and create from.
When you know how to receive like that, it will transform the entire circuitry of your giving. It will transform whyyou give. It will change your generosity and the flow of reciprocity. You realize the hypervigilance, however fervent or faint, is completely unnecessary and your creative fervor can grow exponentially from a state of plenty.

Here’s to more of You making an amazing world,


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