Get savvy with self-love.
Flabby or sappy or superficial won’t do.
Thriving demands it.
Peace demands it.
It’s the fuel of Who you came to be.

Get fierce with your kindness.
It’s extremely valuable.
Be wise where you invest it.
You don’t always get what you give
But if this is the norm
You may need to reevaluate.

Nobility is a rare and valuable bird.
Be the bird.
Make nobility
A flourishing species

Refine your standards of self-value
And what being valued actually feels like to you
What it feels like to value others
To live from your value instead to be valued.
Be true to it. Adjust accordingly.
Subtly or profoundly, it will make your life force soar.
Once you tune your senses to it,
Your mind, your heart, your will, your voice, your actions, your body, and your values,
You can reinvent anything from here.©

Here’s to more of You making an amazing world,


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