Shedding The Small Suit

Shedding the Small Suit:
“The most radical subversive activism is recognizing and engaging our own quantum nature.”
~ Paul Levy, The Quantum Revelation
How do you recognize a small suit? They are not so much what gets judged as “playing small”, like overcoming the fear of public speaking to get on stage. It may feel like a major accomplishment, but it’s a symptom among a much larger play. 
Your small suits become apparent when you are “working on” or battling for something that is inherently yours in the first place, like power, peace, sovereignty, connection, meaning, creative expression and love. 
The distraction on the surface keeps your focus directed on something that can’t actually be solved because it was never the problem. Let’s say, like a client this week, you learned to sideline your intuition for logic to be close to your entrepreneur father, to play life in his arena, to get approval, to make a lot of money. And you were good at it. Yet you felt compelled toward an intuitive way. 
The internal tug of war between intuition and logic set up a conflict within my client making it look like she needed to solve a bunch of things that weren’t hers to solve. Instead, she needed to lean in even more to her mystical way and find the synergy of both her logic and intuition in a rich relationship with herself. Dad will come along or not. She’s deepening peace with herself and her inborn purpose and genius, shedding a small suit that would show up with various faces, most of all anxiety.
Here’s what happened for her. She would naturally make intuitive decisions, which were on. But then her anxiety would rise and she would shift into logic-overdrive where she learned she was “supposed to be” to succeed. Then it was the brain frenzy of all the opportunities she might have missed. Meanwhile, she is sitting on a dream fulfilled made up of the (intuitive) choices she has made so far.
When you’re shedding a small suit, you are dissolving where you were talked out of, taught out of, neglected out of, tricked out of, punished out of, shamed out of, teased out of, (or whatever) your natural genius all for the advancement of your true nature. Hers was an intuitive, felt way of navigating the physical world and it works brilliantly until she tells herself it shouldn’t work and she should be more logical. 
Funny thing, she is naturally very logical, too. Great with numbers. Strategy. Charts. Especially when she leads from her genius felt, intuitive, knowing type of approach.
The so-called battle lines or patterns of our small suits are usually drawn early in life, where our souls experience the foundations of what we came to learn and excel at. But they can take on plot lines and complexities that make the story a little trickier to recognize later on, like a raucous Shakespeare play with several dark and hilarious plotlines happening at the same time with the mayhem of characters unaware of how intertwined they all are.  And like Shakespeare, they can also come to completion.
Your small suit(s) typically come from the defining elements of your life as well. Seen from another angle, taking in the whole stage instead of being focused on one plotline, for example, you realize those defining elements are not short comings, but your brilliance trying to guide you out of the mayhem.
Once you’ve milked your small suit for all its worth for your advancement in life such as joy, peace, and consciousness, and integrated it’s wisdom like award winning compost that now grows massive cabbage, it’s time to set the story free and the you you were with it. 
“The first rule is never believe the story you tell about you. It is like a cage around a wild thing & why would you believe that a spirit so large would ever choose to say, Who I am is this cage.” ~ Brian Andreas
As the world shifts, you and all of us are invited to recognize nuance after revelation of our quantum nature, shedding the plotlines of mayhem and distraction and the small suits worn to sustain them. Your quantum nature may rise up behind something kind and easy or traumatic and raucous. Remember to look behind the raucous plotline for the you that is being revealed, renewed, quantum, come alive.
As the small suit sheds, you have the opportunity to say, thank you, among all the other emotions, too, to that part of yourself that carried you, that did battle for the chance to love greater, to reveal more of your quantum nature. And come into relationship with more who are like you, invested in the beauty, passion, and love of life on the stage of a better world. 

Here’s to more of You in this world, 


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