Re-Newed Dreams

Sometimes it can feel like dreams drop you off at the side of the road while you’re saying, “wait, I was in the middle of my sentence!” As it’s voice and the sound of the muffler drifts off in the distance, you barely catch its last words, “the next one will be right there. Watch!”

It’s not that the dream has abandoned you. It’s taken you as far as it can go. You’ve taken it as far as it can go. And next thing you know, staring you in the face with huge, bright, and animated eyes is infinity saying, “cool, what’s my next assignment?”

A new client said this week, “I don’t want incremental change anymore. I’ve built a very successful business over the decades. I have hundreds of employees. And I know how to work hard. I’ve worked hard all my life. But what I want is exponential change. Transformational change. Deeper fulfillment. I want to live on a whole new level.” 

A new dream! 

Newton‘s physics has taught us to master change and creativity based on time and physical effort. That material reality is all there is. That the body is a machine. That material reality and nonmaterial reality are completely separate.

It works. It’s successful to a point. It’s survival of the fittest for limited resources. And it takes time, moving all that space (physical reality) with effort and the perspectives that support it. 

Meanwhile, quantum physics says energy is all there is. That material reality and nonmaterial reality are all the same thing and we are “giving it instructions“ by way of our consciousness—our unconscious and conscious perspectives, our energy. 

You have always been and always will be creating. You will always use your physical nature as well as your non physical nature. The difference in shifting from a Newtonian model to a quantum model is the relationship you have with that nature and everything else.

My client is about discover the exponential change that takes place in every area of his life when he engages with his life from this creative model and develops entirely new relationships with his dreams, himself, and everything else in his life.

Dreams can complete before they are what you would call fulfilled because you’ve changed so much it takes a new dream to accommodate who you have become, a new dream to carry you forward. You would be going in circles, trying to make things work, trying to put new wine into old wineskins so to speak, if the old dream didn’t drop you off, making you aware of how fast life has moved.

Infinity is eager for its new instructions–from you. A new dream, upgraded, tweaked, refreshed, minus what you have let go of, minus what no longer represents who you are, minus what didn’t happen in the old one, minus…whatever. And plus…well, that’s yours to name.

Craft your dreams bright and inspiring and connected and vivacious enough to draw you forward like the scent of your favorite bakery around the corner and down the street; that you wouldn’t have discovered if the old dream hadn’t left you in good hands with the new one. 

Here’s to more of You making an amazing world,


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