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What kind of questions do you ask? Questions that lead you out along the lines of what is possible? Questions that stifle the life force? Questions that inspire the best in people, in yourself? Questions that perpetuate limitation? Questions that compete or judge? Questions from the perspective that life is for you? Or against you?
“The ability to ask questions is the greatest resource in learning the truth.” ~ Carl Jung
Your questions are constantly shaped by and shaping the world you experience. They show you how you think. You can use them to discern truth, to create a bigger container for life to pour into, to encourage, and you can use them to belittle or stifle life. 
Questions help us lead our lives, check our motives, change directions, leave something behind, and see our way forward. What is my purpose in this? How is this serving me? What else is possible? What is the truth I’ve been missing? What do I need to master this? What am I afraid of? What is the problem telling me? Who am I without that perspective?
The frame of your question determines to a large degree the potential of the answer that you receive. Do you want answers, for example, to questions like, “How can it get any worse?” or “What is wrong with me?” or “What can I get by with?” or “What do I have to do to survive?” 
Or would you like answers to questions like, “How can I?” for something that looks impossible. Or, “How good can it get?” or “What’s my next step?” or “What needs to shift so that I experience ______?” “How can I thrive?” “What can I give?”
Your questions are a way of creating a vacuum in the quantum field, going beyond face value, to play in your creative power with the life force. As long as you’re not trying harm someone or take something that belongs to another, what do you want that vacuum filled with? “What else is possible?” may bring a myriad of opportunity or start shifting your thoughts and ideas along those lines if you stay committed. 
Whatever you are intent on advancing in your life requires an intensity of commitment, an amplitude of energy, greater than your commitment to your current situation no matter how good or traumatic; greater than your current thoughts, greater than your current comfort zone, greater than your current conversations, all of which gave you what you have and love and don’t love now. 
Questions can help you power up to into what moves you forward. Even where you’ve been victimized. If you’re coming from a state that everything happens for you, your questions can craft a way forward that heals you, that draws in the collaborators, ideas, friends, the frequency matches, and resources that bouy your way over that wave, maybe even with a splash on your bow to refresh you.
Have you had the experience of asking a question of possibility and received answers? A circumstance changes, for example, you get an idea, you have a dream, a friend hands you a book, you get a feeling about it, someone shows up in your life. The answer to a conundrum—the car your fixing, the relationship, the team conflict, where you’re going for vacation, the next step in your health—can arrive in any number of ways on the wave of a question.
You may need to find your own language for your questions in order to up the reward of your answers. What questions and words inspire you, trigger you, pull you down, lift you up, leave you in denial, keep you honest with yourself and rising higher?
What questions feel discouraging or limiting, or keep you in your head instead of expanding from your heart, too? A question that feels inspiring to one can flatten another. The shape of your questions can relate to your experience, your context, and your perceptions up until now. They can also be shaped by the future you intend to live in. Your language should shift and morph as you do.
If you’re asking questions and hearing crickets, or getting ugh results, remember that the life force is not tit for tat—if you make a perfect question you get a perfect answer. Tune in to yourself. Get present.
Consider what you’re afraid of changing. Where does it feel safe to stay right where you are and unsafe to move? A work-around is to move your focus to another area of your life that you feel less triggered by and where you also want to advance or change. 
A client couldn’t get traction recently in a relationship because of his fears. He turned his focus to business and his goals there. He held a natural distance in that area of his life and felt safe to change. Because all things are related, boom, he got the answers and his relationship changed, too. 
If your questions are shaped with nuances of fear, like the fear of being alone or about what others think, with old perspectives of yourself, or with regret, or desperation, or revenge, your experience will continue to reflect that, like answers built on a house of cards. 
If your questions are shaped by safety, courage, respect, trust, self-love, or infinity, for example, you’ll receive answers that reflect that, a house built on a solid foundation. 
“Each day brings with it an eternity.” ~Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist
If you are sailing at sea, one degree of shift in your heading and you will land at a completely different port at the end of the day. Your questions shift your life similarly, shaping today and the direction of your life hereafter. 
Are you going? 

Here’s to more of You in this world, 


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