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Frontiers of Greatness:

You don’t have to be conscious to use your mind as a powerful tool. You don’t need to be self-aware to “manifest things” into your life and be successful. Anyone can learn to focus their mind to create as they wish. The reticular activating system (RAS) of the brain works for the conscious and the unconscious alike. For good intent and for ill. The sun shines on us all, so to speak.
Consciousness, by whatever name you call it, changes both your focus and your results. Psychology defines consciousness simply as awareness and alertness. To be aware and alert of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. 
This is so valuable, because you can’t change anything you’re not willing to accept or look at. This awareness is the first and continual step to any change.
But you can watch your thoughts go by all day long, focus them in a particular direction, and it not connect you with yourself, give your manifestations meaning; make you or your world a better, kinder, more connected and loving place.
Max Planck, the father of quantum theory who believed staunchly in a material world, finally came to the realization in his research that, “We cannot get behind consciousness…it is the matrix (source) of all matter.” 
For example, you can say about a tree that it came from a seed, or a sapling, or a pine cone. And that seed came from another seed, and another, following the lineage. 
Consciousness does not have a lineage. It is. It is infinity.
You know the feeling when you’re looking into the eyes of someone who reflects the truth of who you are? Not your limitations or theirs. It’s extremely grounding, peaceful and expansive.
Engaging consciousness is like this. It’s the fabric of matrix that you come from. When you marry consciousness into your creative ability, your mind is no longer simply a solitary mental tool or a game of manipulating substance (or anyone else) to create and shape your life. You’re no longer climbing ladders or competing (in an unhealthy way) for anything. You are no longer an isolated creator “doing the best you can” on the physical plane. 
Because consciousness, or universal intelligence, is infinite, when you engage it, you begin to access your own greatness, limitlessness, the truth of your nature and something bigger than your mind, as if you are looking into the eyes of love and being known. 
Pre-consciousness, or in unconsciousness, when you’re focusing your brain on what you want to build, do, maybe forcing outcomes, even though your growing, your life still remains on autopilot, the known, rearranging the elements of what you already have. 
When your intent becomes to connect with this universal consciousness in everything you become, create and do, you start bringing x factors, positive disruptions, and limitlessness into what’s possible for you. Your life takes on a new depth. A new level and kind of feeling. A new fulfillment.
In the unconscious state, your life will be fairly predictable. Your choices and actions will have relatively predictable outcomes and directions. 
Enter consciousness and you’re entering the unknown–unlimited creativity. You are engaging the matrix of all matter and no longer creating a rearrangement of the same old things, perspectives and energies. Say goodbye to autopilot (and probably a lot of perspectives you’re holding on to) and hello wild-ride of greatness.
Now your options have become unlimited. Your worldview expanded. Your imagination multiplied. The further you go in this individual connection with consciousness, the more you experience the meaning of your greatness to yourself as well as the whole. Consciousness by definition is One, it is the definition of belonging. Wholeness. Purpose. Meaning.
As you connect with this consciousness and feel your greatness emerging, know that your creations do not stand alone and neither do you. You’re here to go your own way, yes, dissolving the illusions (limitations) of your life, only to see it weave in magical coherence with those, like you, of great spirit, big vision, sincere hearts, and powerful action. 
If there was ever a time in this world that we needed this connection, this coherence of great spirits, big visions, sincere hearts and powerful action, it is now. So lean into your desires and intentions. Lean into change. Lean into this consciousness and its peace. Lean into the version of your great self you become next.
As you write intentions and plans for 2022, here are a few questions that may guide your emergence of even more of your greatness:

  • What truths have you been living by that you want to reconsider or reshape going forward?
  • What have you been working on internally that you’d like to wrap up? Ask yourself, what needs to shift for this to be complete?
  • Consider where you may be lying to yourself about what is good, about what isn’t? What needs to shift within or around you for you to be in integrity with yourself, to change the situation?
  • Consider where your headed in your current momentums—patterns you live, the relationship you have with yourself, with others, your level of fulfillment or dissatisfaction, for example—do you like the direction? What do you want to redirect? 
  • What is the state of your heart? Soft, full, numb, hard, flat, uncaring, broken? Can you feel love? Feel joy? What needs to shift for your heart, that gives life to your life, to feel the way you want it to? To be filled with, feel like, be, love?
  • Consider where you feel anxiety. What would you do with that energy if you were no longer working around the anxiety? Ready to be free?
  • Choose one thing you’ve been wanting to change and simply keep track of your thoughts about it for a week. Write them down. This will tell you a lot about the current structure of your experience. Are your thoughts, what you say to others, congruent with what you want or don’t want? What would you need to think or focus on to have what you want instead? What needs to shift internally? Externally?

What is your version of connecting with this infinite consciousness? Meditating with your intent there? Connecting while watching the birds in the morning? Writing? Watching a sunset? Communing with nature? Holding or playing with a child? Singing? Walking? Whatever it is, let it expand you into yet another frontier of your own greatness. 
Here’s to more of You in this world, 


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