Fearlessness & Peace:

Ambitious people tend to approach stress and crises with their bootstraps and fearlessness. Pulling themselves up and barreling forward. Useful tools, as long as your heart doesn’t get stuck in the heel. Meaning, you forget to feel or take stock of what’s going on inside.
Most of us have been motivated into change by forms of stress or crises at some point in our lives. Sickness, bankruptcy, ending relationships, marriage and babies (yes the good stuff can feel stressful, too), sudden wealth, injuries, debt, loss, grief, betrayal, trauma, business deals gone bad or extremely good.
Those times may or may not come, but you don’t have to wait for them. Leading your life means taking stock of your inner world on an ongoing, daily, sometimes moment to moment basis. To know yourself, attuning your inner and outer worlds, and creating your life. 
Fearlessness is like rocket fuel to inspire your ambitious visions, intentions, accomplishments and great love. A firey energy that most people want access to.
In Chinese medicine, the heart is part of the fire element. It fuels the entire body, mind and spirit. This element represents how safe the heart feels to let people in, who to let in, how far, or if it’s too open, for example. It deals with recovery from heartbreak, betrayal, grief, (and most everything), allowing your heart to heal and your fire (joy, peace, creative expression, safety, love, ambition…) to replenish. 
If your fearlessness is consistently drawn from barreling forward without replenishing it, without being attentive to it, stress of some kind will be kind enough to wake you up, attempting to draw your focus home (inward) again.
Peace is underrated. Though it can be thought of as demure and quiet, it is an active, intentional state of freedom. From peace, you have endless resources of creativity available to you because you have withdrawn your attention from the battles. Its cousin tranquility deepens your breath and inspires gratitude. 
Hair-on-fire fearlessness can be fun. But to sustain your fire, its well is filled with inner peace. If Maslow had stopped at safety as our need, we would all be left on the edge waiting for something else to unhinge us. Safety by nature is safe from something.
Peace by nature is an active state of harmony, relationship, good will, and creativity. It frees up tons of energy because we’re designed for it. And your fearlessness is fueled by it.
Take a quick stock right here.

  • How would you rate the level of peace in your life 0-10?
  • How peaceful do you feel in your heart?
  • What unhinges your peace?
  • How fueled does your heart feel for and by all your loves, ambitions, relationships and yourself?
  • What would need to shift to have total peace in one or any area of your life?
  • Drop in and feel what your fearlessness feels like fueled by peace. Does it cause a deeper self connection?

Here’s to more of You in this world, 


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