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Leading Your Life:

A client asked me the other day how to keep doing business the way that works for her, intuitively (and successfully), while having to be involved in meetings where they promote quotas, cold calls and marketing techniques for the way she is “supposed” to do business (that don’t work for her).
This is the perfect question because it applies to everything. How do we apply intuition, consciousness, and an inner driven life in an externally motivated world? I’d love to write a book on this subject. Let’s at least scratch the surface today.

Leading and authoring your life isn’t simply making goals and achieving them. It is an intentionally inner driven life rather than externally driven. Your choices are governed by an inner plum line rather than an outer measuring stick. It is choosing who you become and using everything that is going on for you internally and externally to know yourself and evolve yourself.

If my client tries to grow her business with cold calls and linear marketing techniques, she is out of alignment with herself, it wears her out with the work of it all, and sucks the joy out of her life. When she trusts her inner wisdom, the clients and referrals keep coming and she continues to recognize obstacles and resistance to dissolve in the face of her greater vision.

The difference that leading your life consciously makes is that you are no longer living from the physical plane, which is the effect. You’re are living from the subtle realm, the cause.

She knows she is the cause of her business. That it is created, prospered, scaled, fulfilling and fun by who she is becoming consciously and energetically. She can use any marketing technique she wishes, if it resonates. And that keeps her leading, rather than being lead by, her business. 

She can transform anything in its current status, an obstacle or simply status quo, into the fuel of her freedom. But to the end now of becoming rather than fixing.

There is no limit to becoming. But the feeling and intent is completely in contrast to there being no end to fixing. One is a drag and shame-based. The other is inspiring, elevating, expansive, purposeful and cultivates your love for life.

This applies to any aspect of your life. Evolving your life deliberately is to look at anything from the smallest detail to the largest concept and ask, what else is possible?
The more savvy you become at doing this, discerning what you want to shift next, the more anything becomes possible.
My client can let the talk of cold calls go right over her head as she continues to deliver and experiences the constant results of her internal adventure— happy, fulfilled clients, continual referrals, colleagues she loves working with who are also focused on service and connection, time with her family, the renewed health of her body, and all the while significantly increasing prosperity for all.
Here are a few suggestions for leading your life:

  • Instead of waiting for something to go wrong to be your motivator, or something you have to fix, put yourself on the leading and creative edge of your life. From that perspective, what do you want to create with your life next? Who do you want to become? Use intention prolifically for the smallest and largest details. You will still find obstacles, we’re human, it’s what we do here! But from the leadership of your life, you’ll utilize them for becoming rather than chasing your tail “fixing.” It’s the five degrees of attitude shift that changes everything.
  • If you’re in a challenging situation, look at it symbolically. What is it there to teach you about yourself? What is it there to help you dissolve and expand? 
  • What would you express creatively if there were no obstacles? Get married? Build a hospital? Renew your passion? Write and publish? Enliven your body? The obstacles, then, are there to help you do just that as you transmute the energy from its old pattern to your creative expression.
  • Life can change in an instant, from the quantum perspective. Shift the barrier(s) of perspective to their core and that’s where instant healings, instant anything, take place. So instead of programing yourself to “work at” something, program and visualize yourself into “it already is.” To “be it.”
  • How or what in your life can you move from the perspective that “it must be done this way”–like the business ideas my client is surrounded by, or your health, staffing, relationships–to an inner driven, trusting adventure? My client still utilizes the aspects of those business concepts that work for her, but they don’t drive her. She is the author.
  • Where are you driven my external motivators–i.e. other’s opinions, the majority thinking, societal expectations, status, money, evaluations–giving over the leadership of your life to external motivators? What needs to shift to bring your drive back home?

Here’s to more of You in this world, 


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