Conveying Increase

Conveying Increase:

There is likely something in your life you would love to increase right now. Time. Your tomato yield. Friends. Health and fitness. The quality of your golf-game. You’re income. Range of motion for a sport. Your race times. Investment levels. Peacefulness. Sleep. Love. Focus. Laughter. Garage time for projects. Sailing skills. Strength. Bliss.
“Growth is not merely a harmonious increase in size, but a transformation.” 
~ Maria Montessori
We are actually constantly transforming, almost imperceptibly. Our bodies are making new cells such that, our skin is new approximately every five weeks, our liver approximately every 6, parts of our lungs in days. We take in our environment in some way and run it through our systems—our physical and subtle senses—shifting, interpreting, filtering, adapting and transforming, as well as sending data back out.
If we live in a state of increase for the sake of increase, we become like a cancer cell, where our multiplication comes with our own demise or sacrifice of wholeness. If we make our increase part of an intentionally creative life, a loving life, becoming more ourselves, we give our cells and every other part of our life and people in it new information. A new consciousness from which to create and regenerate.
Most of us have a favored teacher or coach because that person conveyed some sort of increase to us by way of encouragement, challenge, inspiration, belief in us, seeing what was right, a word said at a poignant moment, holding a vision out beyond what we could see in ourselves.
No amount of intention is going to put you in “control” of every aspect of your life, thankfully. Your body is on autopilot for regeneration, for example. Can you imagine having to remember to tell your heart to beat, or your liver to make some new cells in addition to everything else you put your attention on each day? 
But we’re not aiming for control. 
What makes the difference in how we regenerate or how we experience increase is the consciousness through which all of it moves. The consciousness that you are, that I am. By consciousness, I mean your beliefs, your self-awareness, your intention, the degree to which you are energetically transformed from your limitations and past, and the way you live that out each day in word, thought, feeling and deed.
“It’s not the daily increase, but the daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.” 
~Bruce Lee
Increase is by nature a propulsion forward. However, we can march forward finding ourselves like Tigger, returning to the same place in the woods over and over again. Or we can give ourselves, our bodies, our businesses, our minds, our relationships, our bank accounts, the global consciousness, a new consciousness from which to move by who we become. 
A relatively new aspect of science is epigenetics. Epi = above. Genetics = the gene. It is showing us that we are not the victims of our genes. That the gene is triggered by its environment. As we change our environments (our consciousness)—internally as well as externally—we change what genes learn to fire.
This is illustrated with stories of adopted children. Some will meet their birth parents later in life and have none of the health issues that their biological parents and siblings have because they didn’t grow up around the same mind set. Likewise, in the reverse, adopted children who share no genetics with their adoptive parents can sometimes develop similar health issues because they learn to share the same mindsets, or forms of consciousness.
We are so completely malleable! So why not play with living epi-status quo? Epi-joy? Epi-whatever? Playing whether in relaxation and stillness or at full speed with words and language, feelings, thoughts, and deeds to convey to yourself and anyone and everyone around you a state of increase? Where everything is evolving, even when it is falling apart, into greater states of being. Joy. Plenty. Kindness. Peace. Health.

The world will generally have all kinds of reasons to believe other than this underlying truth. And it can get pretty rocky when there is all kinds of “stuff” changing, transforming and falling away. Choose to see what is underneath it all seeking to move “above” it all.

You can be the gene, the consciousness, in an environment called humanity that fires increase, integrity, inspiration, kindness, joy, plenty…for you and all. 
And so it is.

Here’s to more of You in this world, 


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