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Visionary Group Think:

Long before modern science was telling us of the power of intention, the power of group thought was known. You find it from ancient sacred texts to modern literature on human potential. To achieve a purpose and thrive, to move mountains, to create a beautiful world, it is vital to surround yourself with people of like mind and frequency.  
“Where there is common purpose, you have great power to achieve, as long as you are attuned to others who agree with your purpose.” ~Catherine Ponder
One client intends to shift her business partnerships to people who in addition to thriving in profit, value the relationship they have with each other first. Another wants to guide hospital personnel into a frame of being and mind that inspires them instead of feeling drained. Another wants to hire people who will expand her company while she directs her time into new life ventures.

For that, you want to be both a fulcrum point of high frequency intention, and surround yourself with like minds. People who have demonstrated the ability to hold that precious, infinite space with you, lift you, celebrate you.

Imagine that you’re telling a friend about some great insights you had. And they get it. or big dreams you have. And they share them. Or the path you have trod. And they feel it with you without comparing their own journey. Feel how it multiplies? Imagine having very different paths and perspectives with that friend and they still know how to be in your big dreams with you. Where two or more are gathered…
The power of group thought is known by both by people of ill intent as well as those of infinite intent. If you get people to think in a certain way, to be afraid if they don’t, to be confused, to doubt themselves, even manipulate toward that end, then you have power to move them anywhere you want to. 
Now that’s on the table, let’s look at this power for good, for creative imagination, for a beautiful world, for infinite possibilities.
Simon Sinek, Motivational speaker, in an Inc. interview about his latest book, The Infinite Game said, “Many vision statements sound more like long-term goals. And they are pretty egocentric. To be the biggest, most respected X kind of company in the industry by X date. To offer the greatest value with the highest-quality products. That is not a description of the world we want to live in. That is a description of the company you want to build. That kind of stuff is fine and good. But it is not visionary. A good vision statement would be to create a world in which the vast majority of people wake up inspired, feel safe at work, and return home fulfilled at the end of the day.”
Science is now able to measure and give us results on the effect of intentional thought held by groups of people–crime rates reduced in cities, companies moved forward in purpose and prosperity beyond their physical efforts, bodies healed, partners in tune with each other’s thoughts with common dreams.
So why not make sure we are holding intention, an-unflinching-good-vision, for a beautiful world, for health and vitality, or whatever it is that nourishes your soul and multiple souls around the globe? Not something egocentric that has little power to inspire you or that could interfere with another’s good. Something that cuts through the smokescreens, cuts through your fear, cuts through global fear, cuts through (fill in the blank), that resonates deeply in your core and honors all involved.
Intention is an ancient esoteric and now scientific way of directing where this world goes as well as where the world of your individual life goes. Groups thinking in the same intention, even holding that same intention at the same scheduled time, create measurable shfits. 

Your future is creating your present. What are you filling your future with in the way you’re thinking, feeling, intending and taking action on right now?
“Never doubt the power of a small group of people to change the world,” Margaret Meade

Here’s to more of You in this world, 


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