Love Wins:

One of the fascinating aspects of quantum reality and understanding your human life as that context is that it does not move in one direction. For example, the intentions you have today, the thoughts and feelings you cast from your reel of creation, affect your past and your future. To restate, your present intentions, change your past. They change your future. They change your present.
In fact, multiple studies demonstrate that our future is influencing our present. And our present is influencing our past. We think this is strange because we believe in time. It seems that we march linearly from cause to affect all day every day. You made this plan and x happened. Someone said this and y happened.
“Time does not exist, said Einstein (and many more scientists in agreement), we invented it. Time is what the clock says. The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”
If you can wrap your heart, soul and intellect around this, it means that you in your individual life, and we in this collective life, are constructing and reconstructing life as we know it all day every day. Heaven on earth, hell on earth, flatlined on earth.
You are not stuck. This world is not stuck. Are there dark forces in play? Attitudes we encounter? Sure. Life is way more Harry Potter-esk, metaphorically speaking, than we realize with forces inside and out that want to suck the joy out of you, your power, hope, and magic. And those forces often gain their so-called power by conveying the belief that there is no other way.
There’s a way. Infinite possibilities, in fact. All of these—joy, magic, power, hope, love—are your sovereign belongings. 
I was speaking with a colleague and friend the other day who was deeply discouraged from news she had received. She couldn’t see a solution yet. She needed to sit with the shock of the event first and let the solution show itself. But she was affirming a new way forward, a solution, writing down intention for her way forward, what she wishes to create in light of recent events, even while she is absorbing how the latest events feel like they’ve destroyed her previous plans.
“We are essentially living in one smeared out now,” said Lynne McTaggart in her many books and a recent article. Lynne has provided us so much accessible science on the effect our attitudes have on each other physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. (Her book, The Bond) And the power our intention plays in creating this world. 
The intention my friend puts forward now will create her future as well as change her past and allow the future to change her past and present. 
When a land is plundered, you can be sure there is a new beginning at hand. It is the constant theme in transformational stories—not horror stories. The hero and the heroine’s journey. The Hobbit, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Snow White. 
So-called fairy tales are symbolically describing awakenings. Awakenings to love, to new life, to overcoming darkness within and out, and discovering a refreshingly beautiful world. Prince Charming and Sleeping Beauty, Frodo Baggins in Middle Earth, and so on. They are metaphors for a principal of life we always have at hand.
But these new beginnings don’t just happen. They are chosen. They are chosen by reminding ourselves continually that love wins. Or we can believe the reverse and have that experience instead.
In my friend’s situation, she must look into her own heart to where love guides her now. Leaving for good what now feels like a plundered land and into what awaits her. This same idea plays out for all of us on a global level. We can hold collective intentions for what we fear or for what we love. 
“Above all else, be the heroine (hero) of your own life and not the victim.” ~ Nora Ephron

Here’s to more of You in this world, 


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