Your Deepest Aspirations:

Where are you at on your love barometer? Have you reviewed your life lately and what it is you really, really want to invest yourself in? You’re constantly creating with your love, so what are you pouring it into? Is it congruent with where you are now, or where you were 6 months ago?
With so much falling apart in the world, it is a time of burgeoning new beginnings, birthing new directions, new structures, new selves, and renewing your heart. Meanwhile, Love remains unchanging, infinite, and available. 
You can hang out in the rubble of what has fallen apart and those who rearrange the chess pieces to play the same game, plundering and battling for another version. Or you can walk away into new love beginnings, to feed a new world, a beautiful world, business and life, with the flame of your own heart.
Your aspirations, be they material or spiritual, are like playing with the dirt, clay and elements of this planet forming small and mighty things. Don’t downplay a thing that calls to your heart. Grab a piece of paper. Open a note on your phone and start bringing it into form by listing your current, deepest aspirations. 
Learning to make wine, learning a language, buying an island, hiking the Dolomites, paying for all the plane tickets to meet your friends in Spain for your wedding, or your 10th or 50th anniversary. Selling vegetables. Investing unplanned time with a child, a significant other, a parent showing up consistently to invest and expand love. Re-crafting your business according to the flame in you now. Riding a coastal bike ride in Australia. Sailing the Panama canal. Enjoying the firepit in your backyard. Learning wild edibles. Your first art show. Writing a book. 
Your deepest aspirations deserve you. All of you. They deserve to be known and understood. They call to your heart and you answer with silence or attention. And by your attention, you participate in making a new world, a beautiful world, in amplifying the beauty that already exists.
What matches the flame of your heart now? What flames remain and what flames have gone out? Recognize them. Acknowledge them. Give thanks for them. Present and complete.
I’m continually reminding the people I get to work with as clients that money is a way of moving love about the earth. One form of playing with energy. A physical tool. Investing, giving, receiving, buying, tipping and the state we are in during any of those moments circulates money from that state. Loving, fearful, stingy, greedy, cheap, visionary, dominating, abundant, deceptive, creative, trusting, grateful.
Your deepest aspirations are a way of moving love about the earth, too. “What is your rich life?”, is a great question from Ramit Sethi. It’s a way of asking you to declare your aspirations to yourself, to write down what it means now to create and live your rich life. Writing things down is an ancient practice of change.
You’re already investing your love in something. Is it creating the return within you that you aspire to, of you becoming more of you? Of living in and making a more beautiful world?

Here’s to more of You in this world, 


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