I watched from a distance on shore as the bridge lifted for an approaching tugboat and crane to move through. With the traffic halted, the quiet was palpable. All those people, schedules, plans and the roar of traffic, suddenly and unavoidably stopped. Slowly the tug and barge moved through. Slowly the bridge dropped again into place. Slowly, everyone moved forward again, on a new timeline
We are all creating, generating, and evolving something — a future, a relationship, a website, a company, a new staff, a new home, a healthier body — there are an infinite number of timelines and possibilities along which it could take place. All of those timelines and possibilities are happening and available at the same time.
This is the quantum. It is not an either-or world. What you tune into and place your attention on, consciously and subconsciously, becomes animated, or begins to light up a line of possibility with the energy of your attention.
An essential element that we set in motion with this, almost without realizing it, is Allowing. It is perhaps the most challenging part of creating, though it seems like the easiest. Allowing involves a great trust in ourselves, in the unseen, in feelings, gut instincts, flow, and a connection with the Field that speaks to us through those channels, however you refer to that experience. 
It’s a similar trust we employ when we put a seed in the soil. We water and make sure it has light with an expectation it will pop through the surface and become a tomato plant from its own life force. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.
There is an art to allowing, to doing nothing. On one side of misunderstanding it can border on laziness, disconnection, directionlessness, being frozen. On the other extreme, trying too hard, controlling, impatience, over-strategizing, neurosis, a battle. Neither is allowing. 
Allowing is as much about investing in your true dream, uncompromised, as it is about letting the details fall in place. Aiming lower for what you “think” you can have slows down the wheels of momentum! 
A good friend of mine is retiring early and moving from an engineering career to a marine career. It started with the desire to travel the world and do something different with his life as well as learn to sail. The more he learns, the more new information comes to him and his dream expands. One thing after another falls into place. 
We feed our ability to allow by first remembering not to project the qualities of a stingy, disconnected, ridged, narcissistic parent or authority figure when we are working with the quantum field, that divine intelligence or consciousness. We are in partnership with a loving, discerning, orderly, coherent, intelligent, infinite energy that wants to play; that wants to have the greatest experience it can have as its expression of you; that has the greatest good of all in mind at all times. 
It will not, however, ever control you, your thoughts, your feelings, your intention, your desires. Those are for you to figure out. You are partners each doing your part and yours is infinitely smaller.
If you flow over into its part, you’re not allowing. If you’re not doing your part, you’re not creating. It connects with your thought, your feeling, intention, heart, gratitude, frequeny, desire. Give it something to work with that takes you where you want to go.
This is what you are allowing. You’re allowing yourself to be honest about your uncompromised desires. You’re allowing yourself to become what you actually desire, to be changed. In that alignment, you’re allowing details to fall into place you could never have imagined. 
The people on the bridge may or may not have been aware that they were allowing the tug to pass through. They moved ahead on their new timelines in angst or peace or disconnect, or maybe gratitude that they could witness such a majestic event and trusted the new flow of their day. 
A bridge lift can feel pretty frustrating right in the middle of the flow of your day, similar to the seeming interruptions on the way to what you’re creating. A relationship with speedbumps; a business with opportunities right there and the other party not moving on it; a family that seemingly isn’t moving with you; a body changing slower than you’d like, a forest fire, a pandemic.
Then sometimes subtley, sometimes with a boom, you’re on a new trajectory. A timeline with new opportunities, the relationship takes a new direction, the divorce flows smoothly, a better deal than you expected is signed for your business, you have a new website for a fresh way forward, a new and easier solution arrives for what your body needed all along, you’ve driven by the house you wanted a million times. Now it’s yours. You’re traveling the world on a sailboat.
Allow it. 

Here’s to more of You in the world, 


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