Raise the Vibe…
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said in the 18th century, or thereabouts, “Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward. They may be beaten, but they may start a winning game.” 
It’s true, our risks may not pan out every time. We may seemingly fail, or lose the move in the game of life. Our perspective may be misunderstood. We may be excluded. It can hurt. At least at first. We have, however, set something new in motion. 
Mirror neurons fire when we perform an action as well as when we witness an action. When we watch a kindness happening in front of us, for example, our brains produce serotonin, even though we are not involved in the act. When someone starts scratching their head or reaching for their phone, we may find ourselves scratching our arm or reaching for our phone. When we see our family, friends or the media, living by limitations, we may adopt a version of the same limitations.
A key thing to remember about life being a mirror is that not only do we look in the mirror, we ARE the mirror. Your lifestyle, your way of thinking, a dance in the middle of the sidewalk, a new teaching technique for your students, a revolution in your sales team, a nutritional concept, going beyond your family’s station in life, growing younger at 85 or any age, knowing what you desire exists regardless of the statistics of inventory, may rock the boat. 
Rock it for Goodness’ sake.
People know the difference between a sincere optimism and a cheesy one. So does your body. Give it something real. Give your life all you’ve got. 
We know from science that we are not the victims of our genetics. It is the environment of the cell that determines how it fires, what genetic code is set off. This is one reason among many for why we work with energy. To change the environment of the cell and how it fires. The environment of the cell is your own internal emotional, mental, energetic environment as well as the environment all around you, what you eat, your relationships and so on.
We also know that the heart is a vibration of oneness. It is not polarization. Rocking the boat, raising the vibe, making waves, isn’t for the sake of creating division per se, though that may be a temporary outcome. It is for the mirroring that others may discover what is possible, their own oneness within themselves. 
Others may find themselves acting on something you set in motion, almost imperceptibly. Imagine what you’re making possible for your children, your students, your employees, your colleagues, your clients, the waiter, your significant other, your own psyche and body, the people on the sidewalk, by being a mirror of possibility, of validation, of flow, of your own reality regardless of what the market or politics or family, the world, anything else says.
Maybe you’ve rocked a lot of boats in your time. Maybe you’re not typically a wave maker or roof razer, it’s too loud. Don’t mistake volume for impact. Some of the people I respect the most in my life, who have made the most impact on me, have been quiet as well as unequivocal. Some of the most powerful people are subtle and quiet and fearless.
Make your move, whatever your volume.

Here’s to more of You in the world, 


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