Brighter Still

Grow Brighter Still…
Sometimes we have to part the proverbial waters with our light. Every hero learns this. Look at the fictional stories of Harry Potter, Frodo Baggins, The Odyssey. Or the real-life stories like yours, mine and the people living courageously everyday, like my mother carrying on with life after 62 years with the love of her life.
Just this week, clients were experiencing the contrast of their families, the current political, health, and social scene, the market, relationships, disease, landlords, where they are in their business and learning to stand in a greater light, still. To say yes to more contrast—joy, wealth, love, purpose, momentum, bliss—still—compared to the chaos or whatever else is going on around them and in the world. 
You came here to make good. So make good. In the stories above, friends came to walk beside them, encourage them, believe in them, participate with them—light. Though they had to make some legs of the journey solo, friends arrived in moments as evidence of the light they were connecting to within themselves, to simply receive and sometimes to take each other higher and farther.
Old stories are breaking off globally and for individuals like fractures of glaciers in the deep blue. Clients moved energy this week that moved them beyond their family’s station in life, beyond the old stories of how they related to their families; to embrace their empathic nature as the new strong, with respect, as reason to radiate more not less; and to expand their business from their sense of self-value instead of to be valued.
Anita Moorjani has a new book coming out titled, Sensitive is the New Strong. You better believe it. As far as I know, there will always be contrast. Allow everyone to have the experience they are having with that contrast. 
If you want to “make good,” you will be invited, inspired, challenged, in whatever way is appropriate for your purpose and evolution, maybe like the heros above, to part the waters with your light. Not shrink. Not puff up. Stand. Speak. Write. Be silent. Create. Prosper. Love. Evolve. 
And grow brighter still.

Here’s to more of You in the world, 


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