The Benefit

Doubt is a funny word. It’s one of those things we think we’re not supposed to have, but it sure comes in handy as a tool of discernment or upgrading our lives. Intuition has a way of guiding us in what seem like strange directions—at first. Until you realize the greater purpose later. 

Doubt is one of those directions.

Have you ever given someone the benefit of the doubt, for example, only to be disappointed? If we translate doubt into discernment, which is to say, if we give ourselves the benefit of our own doubt, we get a different outcome.

When I’ve curiously asked friends from time to time their opinion of the principal of giving people the benefit of the doubt, I’ve received responses anywhere from “no way” to “it’s a self-destructive behavior.”

Why? Because when doubt is hanging in the air like a gossamer thread in autumn, we have to override our present moment awareness, our intuitive sense, to ignore it. Those soft-as-silk and strong-as-steel threads can either be the web of truth we find our home in, or the bondage that stings.

Many of you are experiencing a rebirth in one or many areas of your life. Huge transitions and changes in your lives, where perspectives you held and doubts that lingered are being challenged into action, into 180 degree perspective shift, into washing away or vying for your attention on a whole new vision of clarity forward—personally,  professionally, or both.

The benefit of your doubt, where you have showered it on others, is asking to shine on you. To trust yourself with the change that is birthing from the inside out, with your new vision, perspective, your new future, a new order, with the discernment your doubt has been hinting at all along to get you to change, to let go, to see what’s in front of you. 

No longer overriding your discernment, and in fact trusting and embracing it, new doors begin to open, new resources in all shapes and sizes flowing in, new ways of doing things come to your mind. 

Give it all a direction with your vision. Write it down, however simple. Don’t underestimate the power of writing it all down. It is an act of moving your vision from dream state into the physical. 

“I have worked with all kinds of entrepreneurs. And the most successful ones aren’t the ones with the best idea or the hardest working or the smartest or even the luckiest. They’re the ones who have a clear vision of where they want to be and what it will look like when they get there.” (paraphrased)~ Barbara Corcoran, Real Estate Mogul on Sharktank

You are here to thrive. You are here to thrive in every way. And every obstacle in your way, no matter how dark, is an opportunity to give yourself the benefit of your own doubt. Doubt that causes you to pause just long enough to discern what you’re feeling, what you’re hearing, what’s in front of you, what’s behind you so you can upgrade, turn your doubt into discernment, and refine your vision. 

“Are you in earnest? seize this very minute–
What you can do, or dream you can, begin it,
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it,
Only engage, and then the mind grows heated—
Begin it, and the work will be completed!” ~Johann Von Goethe

Here’s to more of You in the world, ❤️


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