Squeezing (Not Squeezing) Infinity

The other day, a friend remarked about how much I could get done in 30 minutes time when we decided on a spontaneous hike and asked me to describe what (the heck) goes on in me to make that possible.

It’s a flow state that begins with a mindset. An instantaneous mindset of yes. Yes, this is all possible, and inevitable, in this amount of time. Yes, this is going to happen in this amount of time. Yes, this is done, even as I’m already in action. 

All the tasks and actions are intuitively organized in a flash of analysis and reverse engineering of what must be done, including travel time, (within the intuitive mind of yes) as I move into it because I intend it that way. I’ve already said, yes, in my mind, instead of no, so there is no resistance. 

“The primary wisdom is intuition.
In that deep force, 
the last fact behind which analysis cannot go,
all things find their origin.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

How can this simple example be applied and scaled to your big ideas, dreams, relationships, businesses, health and projects? How often do we begin with an unconscious “no” or an analytical assessment of what is possible or not possible because we try to lead with that aspect of our mind, trying to squeeze infinity through our analytical mind instead of the other way around? 

How often do we cause ourselves so much more effort because we try to lead (and control) with the physically focused and analytical mind instead of the infinite and intuitive mind. If we are to weave infinity through our humanity, it must begin with the intuitive mind, the place where the analytical, rational and limited cannot go.

The mind of the limited says there is only this much time, we have to travel this far, these are the economics, I can’t be in two places at once, this is how business is run, something has to be left out, this is the best I can do, nobody is perfect, it’s a material world and that’s impossible, I don’t have time to do my hair or feed the dog,… or really slowing things down with analyzing how to do it.  

This is soooo important to everything in your life.

“There is a voice that speaks without words. Listen.” ~ Rumi

Finding synergy and the flow state between the intuitive mind and the analytical is the ability to see everything as one thing (quantum field, energy, universe, spirit). Not getting stuck in the transmutation from the non-physical and the intuitive to the physical. But seeing it as instantaneous and see what shows up. 

Remember the old adage, shoot for the stars and if you hit the moon, so be it! Go for the whole thing and see what sifts out, so to speak. Of course you are unattached to time…and…you realize who you are in the universe–you are here to command and shape energy all day long into your amazing life. 

Your amazing physical creations of your business/profession, your relationships, your health, your wealth, your projects, your art, your travel, your meals, your everything. That may involve transmuting the past as necessary to make a new present (remember it’s all one thing). In so doing, you are moving the world in the direction we are here to go. Away from destruction and into the creations you are here to be.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Ph.D., described the flow state in his book, Flow, as including losing track of time, a loss of self-consciousness, a total involvement with what you’re doing (it is not grinding everything to a halt with the analytical mind). He found it is a major factor in our ability to experience happiness.

Happiness. In the midst of all that is going on in this world, we are not here to get confused and put this deep force, the intuitive mind, second. It is meant to run the show. Your show. Our show.

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” ~ Emerson

The inventors, geniuses, and great leaders through history all speak of the intuitive mind in various forms as the source of their ideas. Then they pour it into some sort of physical form. Publish it, build it, implement it, create an equation, write it, drive it, sail it, map it, become it. 

Imagine that leading with the intuitive mind and synergizing with the analytical mind is like riding a bike or any other skill that your body “knows” and no longer thinks about. You ride without thinking around the banked corner, over the rocks, shifting on the fly. Thirty years can go by and it’s like, well, riding a bike.

You were made for leading with your intuitive mind, this deep force and connection, this synergy of your intuitive mind guiding the analytical. Infinity standing by.

“The only real valuable thing is intuition” ~ Albert Einstein

Here’s to more of You in the world, ❤️


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