“My biggest doubt was that it could really be this easy. Shelley’s brand of energetic approach and transformation is astounding, warp speed, compassionate, uncompromising. I was fighting against a huge intellectual component, intellectualizing everything. Again, a defensive safety mechanism for me to preserve the sense of self and value I didn’t really have. Dissolving that was a game changer for me. I couldn’t have done that through a mental, mindset, self-development approach. My intellect actually serves me now instead of me being a slave to it. My creative side is set free to expand and express. 

It blows me away when Shelley sees physical things going on in me—my hips, or my son—wetting the bed—in the context of something else we are transforming that day. Then it’s gone. All of it. This is comprehensive change. I was clinging to what I thought gave me value. Working to fix something. Saying yes to everything. Living by external motivators, expectations of others, perceptions from others, the pain of the past, what the world said was valuable. 

I am so appreciative to shake off what isn’t me.” ~ Rebecca Young, Attorney (click here for the rest of the story)

I have 3 openings coming up. Is one of them yours? Email us at info@theselfconnection.com. I’d love to work with you and your next greater yet to be. ❤️

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