You might have noticed that as you evolve, become intentionally conscious, and transform that you become out-of-phase with some people or aspects of your life. Something like a three-legged race when you have perfect rhythm until one person shifts their rhythm and you can’t get it back. 

Your workplace no longer satisfies or you get canned unexpectedly, your life is good, but feels a little stagnant or like something is “missing,” havoc arises in relationship, your writing feels uninspired, you commit to something that you realize has you out of phase with your values, your business feels like it needs change as numbers go flat, or you feel like you’ve settled, because, well, that’s what everyone else does, coasting through life without a new dream to inspire intentional movement.

Water that stays still grows stagnant. Money that is horded or doesn’t move may plateau. Relationships without mutual investment grow apart or apathetic. Life without dreams grows flat.

You know that feeling when you’re learning a new sport, learning to ride a bike, a musical instrument, or a system at work and you find the sweet spot of body memory or where the system just flows? You don’t have to think about it anymore. 

Likewise, if you put a bunch of grandfather clocks in the same room together, or a bunch of metronomes, they will begin with their pendulums at all different rhythms. But in a fairly short amount of time, they will move into phase, cadence, flow, with one another moving at the exact same rhythm. 

Life by nature has cadence and seeks to harmonize, to find phase with whomever and whatever it is around. You, by nature, have a rhythm all your own. And, it harmonizes, flows with others like you. If you can’t find your flow, look both within and around you for the information that shows you your next shift to move into a flow and rhythm that feels inspiring. 

What are you seeking to harmonize with in the various aspects of your life—volunteer projects, business, employees, friends, retirement, commitments, bank accounts? Does it expand you, inspire you, contribute to flow? Is it who you want to become? Because you will become like that which surrounds you in some way. 

A client found the other day that life is good. Really good. She is satisfied. But with a deeper look, she realized she felt stagnant. She needed her next dream. She knew immediately what it was, but hadn’t given it any energy because, well, there’s the economy to think about, and life is good. Should she really desire anymore? Is this the time?

Life doesn’t wait for economies to shift. It doesn’t stop moving when things get good. You are in this together with life. It want’s your dreams to give it shape. Let the field, the universe, decide the time and stay faithful to your dreams. In rhythm with the desires life has moving through you, as you.

For this we were made…to continually put the seeds of new dreams and desires into the field with our imagination, our vision, our passion. To create and create some more because that is life’s nature. This isn’t about your selfishness. It is about living in cadence with the continual expansion of your own life.

The quantum field, this formless substance, divine substance, if you will, is infinite and eagerly available to the imprints of your next dream, your next miracle, healing, creation, desire, to give it instruction for new form—no matter how small, no matter how infinite. 

Take your cues from nature. It never stops growing, rotting, dropping seeds, and growing something new. Your desires, your evolution puts you in harmony, in cadence, with the latent potentials waiting to be watered by your evolution.

Here’s to more of you in the world ❤️


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