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When Einstein said, “I want to know the thoughts of God, the rest are details,” he wasn’t referring to a religious idea of a deity, per se. He was referring to the limitless knowing available to all of us when we get out of our own way. He, as did other physicists such as David Bohm and Neils Bohr, put intuition before knowledge or the analytical mind.

The analytical mind by nature seeks to label, define, comprehend, question and contain. We need this for scientific study, for order, for taking action, but it can quickly shrink what’s possible for your life if you lead with it. Science follows knowing, sometimes by centuries. Not the other way around.

“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.” ~Einstein

The intuitive mind by nature is always moving toward expansion. It is neutral. Non-judgmental. It knows without questions. It is felt. Experienced. It is deep trust. You may think of it as information from the quantum field, source energy, a deep soul wisdom and unlimited. It is an umbrella category for a lot of subcategories of knowing like a feeling, telepathy, premonitions, healing, being psychic and so on.

The more conscious you become through energetic means of elevating, evolving and transforming yourself, the more intuitive you will become, which is to say, the more access to your intuition you will gain. Similar to the fact that we are all born with hands, yet some are gifted in their use for mechanical abilities, artistic illustration, woodworking or surgery, intuition is something we all have as well, while some are gifted in what they feel and see and know.

As much as I like plans, my travel includes a lot of following my nose, or my intuition. It feeds me. It expands me. I find it takes me into liminal and limitless space. Yes, I need plans to get into a National Park or the Eiffel Tower. Yet my best inspiration comes in the times that give me the space to tune in, to simply experience without getting into my analytical mind of plans and tasks. My joy is fed there, too.

If you want to experience limitlessness in your daily life–business, health, relationships, prosperity–if you want to tap into that limitlessness while you are here on this plain, to see where you can go with any aspect of being you, making the space to cultivate your intuition is an essential ingredient. 

I’m not talking about playing psychic, though psychic ability can be an aspect of intuition. I’m talking about knowing yourself. Going deeper and deeper into self trust and oneness with this infinite intelligence we live within and finding all things coming to you. To see what you learn and do with your company, your project, your relationships, your health from beyond the brainstorm. Let’s call it an infinity storm :-).

By intuition we can do all things…make major and radical decisions, choose relationships, transform who we are, make and multiply money, build profitable, fulfilling businesses/professions/projects, elevate our health, heal ourselves of all things, move across the country, fix things, build things, open and tune to unlimited possibility, because it is not coming from knowledge and the known. 

Here’s a few reminders to know you are experiencing your intuition:

  1. You feel a knowing that doesn’t rely on logic or reason.
  2. It feels calm. Simple. Uncomplicated. Even if you have butterflies or something scares you, intuition is neutral. 
  3. You’re not analyzing (even though there is a place for this). 
  4. You’re in action that feels spot on.
  5. It feels like flow state, sometimes an exhilarating ride.
  6. Your body calms, even in the unknown.
  7. It doesn’t coddle your subconscious fears. It simply guides you into truth and the unlimited.
  8. You’re open to all possibility.
  9. You know that when you feel aligned and leap, the net will appear.

Here’s a few ways to know you are NOT in intuition:

  1. You’re attached to the outcome.
  2. You have to/want to know all the steps before you take the first.
  3. You’re making your choices from fear, anxiety or ego. (remember, ego is designed to keep you “safe” from what you don’t know. But your greater potentials are not experienced from what you know. They are in the unknown.)
  4. You feel stagnate.
  5. You’re invading others energies (violating universal ethics) to get your answers.
  6. You’re in self-blame.
  7. You’re stuck in your analytical mind.

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here’s to more of you in the world ❤️


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