Fall Forward

The Trust Fall Forward ~

In the game of trust-fall, the practice is to fall backward into the arms of one or a group of people who are there to catch you, to learn to trust others. Important. In the game of life, at least a life passionate about unwrapping the unlimited within yourself, the practice is to fall forward, to learn to trust yourself. 

We humans love to wrangle with what is and its current trajectory, managing, rearranging, going ‘round and round in conversation—world conditions, futures, bosses, finances, contracts, kids, spirituality, business, travel, health, aging, relationships and so on—thinking we are changing something, instead of driving our oars into what powers us into a truly new potential for our futures. 

Most of us learned in life’s bootcamp of early conditioning that’s what responsible people do. It has its place. We have to acknowledge what is before we can move life into new spaces and directions. But as Mark Twain reminds us, “our education is mostly in what we have unlearned.” Unlimited futures happen in releasing our grip on our current experience, our current shore.

The more conscious you become, learning to play with the subtle energies and possibilities that truly govern life, the more you engage a responsibility of a different sort—an infinite sort. One that is changing and shaping the future—moment to moment—very intentionally and trusting in your ability to do so for your individual and the greater good.

Some friends of mine race outrigger canoes. Though strength matters, the team must become symbiotic to win. Each seat, or rowing team member, rows ten strokes on one side, then ten strokes on the other side. They are the power or propulsion and they have implicit trust in their steersman or steerswoman, who directs the rig around and through currents and to the finish line.

A client is currently wrangling with the options for her future while hanging on to the known variables of the shore where she is currently moored, so to speak. But what if this? Or what if that, she thinks. One scenario looks lonely. Another prosperous. One looks like wasted time. Another looks hopeful, all working with known variables.

The question is, can she trust herself with her own dreams—and the unknown variables? The answer is yes, of course. But it doesn’t feel that way to her—yet. Meanwhile, we are energetically strengthening her ability to be where she is—by choice. That may seem ironic—shouldn’t we be focused on moving her forward?—but only then can she trust herself to leave that proverbial shore.

The strength to be where she is will ironically very soon mean she can’t wait to leave that shore for the unknown, falling forward, trusting herself and the cosmic forces to navigate whatever comes on the way to bigger, truer dreams. It will be just too damn exciting to miss. 

Same for you.

We are individually and collectively powering and steering the future. What shall it be? How big will you intend? Your dreams become symbiotic with the dreams of other big intenders. How far will you fall…forward, in the trust that you, we, really are shaping this whole thing?

Here’s to more of you in the world ❤️


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