Making Waves, Rocking Your Own Boat ~

It might take all your muster sometimes, to make a wave where there wasn’t one. Other times you do it without even a thought.

A wave might be offering your seemingly contrasting perspective, being vulnerable, leaving or taking a stand at your job, having power where you’ve denied yourself before, being silent and listening deeply where you previously interrupted.

A wave is also used to describe a possibility in quantum physics, something not yet in form. A wave is an intention, a thought, a potentiality before it becomes a particle (physical reality).

You’re making waves all day long, creating and collapsing possibility all day long, rocking your own boat as you navigate the ocean called your life.

A client rocked his boat recently in telling his employer, a Fortune 500 company, that he couldn’t take the stress any more and the impossible expectations. It was affecting him physically. Often times the work we do to grow consciously makes us very uncomfortable in order to compel—or propel—us into bigger oceans.

He already had his intention in process (sent waves of possibility in motion) for the kind of new job he intended to have as an executive, but when he got a call from one of his bosses, he was sure he was about to get canned. 

What he received was an offer—for a new position within the company that was much like he had in his intention. 

Go figure. 

He has details and negotiations to walk through to continue shaping his waves into particles of reality. It may be right for him. It may not. But he’s making waves for his own blessed, brilliant, blissful—and healthy—sake, navigating his ocean to collapse new waves into new particles. Reality made manifest.

Here’s to the waves you make each and every moment. Rock it.

Here’s to more of you in the world ❤️


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