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What’s Really Going On ~

Around here the sea lions, eagles, osprey, and house finches are making it known that spring has arrived. It’s apparently the largest run of sea lions up the Columbia River on record. They’re gorging themselves on the smelt run (salmon going up river to spawn and die) and adult salmon, then floating back down in pods, belly up, with their fins peeking above the water as if in an after-dinner snooze.

The eagles are perched in the trees and diving in the water in increasing numbers since making a comeback as an endangered species. A house finch couple is building a house next door (a.k.a. nest). With a melody like that, they’re welcome on my deck any time.

Harbingers like this remind us of the resources that are available to us, sometimes beneath the waters where we can’t see them—yet . Something tells the animals these resources are here and the season has arrived…to eat, to build nests, to spawn, to migrate. Call it instinct or what you will, they are attuned to the planet, the seasons, and their bellies. 

We have something similar, but much more flexible on where it takes us. Our inner wisdom, by whatever name you call it, knows that what is really going on in life is so much more than what is visible on the physical plane. It can lead us to everything we need and desire to create in every season. We can enjoy all the creature comforts and constantly build our attunement with where this life is really made…within and around each of us. 

What you see on the physical plane is last to the party, so to speak. It’s the afterburn when the plane has already flown by, the effect of something deeper caused long before, and in some cases, the smokescreen of what’s really going on where discernment and self-trust gets really important. 

Think about it like this. When a baby is born, he or she didn’t just appear that day. The baby was conceived approximately nine months before and has been gestating and developing all that time until they appear out from behind the veil of the womb to arrive in full form on this physical plane.

Likewise, your ideas, dis-ease states and health states, musical career, relationships, next job, wealth, your first invention, and next book are all gestating according to the nourishment and quality of your attention—what and how you give your attention to. 

This is important on soooo many levels and no matter how well you know it, to hone your skill of discernment and attunement.

To be a truly effective leader—grounded, magical, brilliantly creating your one precious, conscious life—a vital skill is to convert your operating system from a physically driven fuel system (thinking that what is on the physical plane is what’s really happening) to an inner driven fuel system (knowing that this is where life is made, so to speak, and the physical plane is made up of all that came before. It is information).  

This shift in fuel will change your world in terms of results, fulfillment, choices, discernment, purpose, confidence, power, trust, bliss, relationships, health, and the list goes on. On the inner fuel system, the resources available to you are limitless, the options limitless, support is limitless. You get the idea.

When things look dire, you might tune in to a feeling, a knowing, that seems crazy good, considering what’s in front of you. When things look fabulous, you might sense a darkness or a disconnect that is revealing a true motive. Either way, trust it. This is your direct line to what’s really going on until what you experience in your physical reality is tuned to what is going on within. 

Debt or toxic employers as well as rich friendships, the love of your life, and fabulous artistic creations all had precursors to their arrival, like a baby in a womb. We are constantly sifting through energies, even without realizing it, discerning what is ours and what is not. A toxic employer may be revealed by the confidence and light you now express. And rich friendships may appear out of the blue by following your inner inklings for your business. 

Swing dancing includes West Coast swing which is back and forth in a “slot” and East Coast swing, which can include endless moves all across the dance floor. In a very loose analogy, the sea lions and creatures are something like the West Coast dance led by instinct. You are something like the East Coast swinger with your inner wisdom making the entire floor (resources) available to you.

You never know what resources will show up for you when you set cause in motion with your inner fuel system and remember that the physical plane is old data ready for new instructions.

On this Easter weekend in the U.S. that represents spring, new life and new beginnings, what physical data will you shed that allows a new idea of you to be born?

Here’s to more of you in the world ❤️


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