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When a client asked me recently how she makes the shift to living intentionally from her infinite self rather than from her finite/physical self to grow and create/change her life, our conversation started with two foundational tools, meditation and intention, their purpose, how they work, how they work together, and how to play with them.
A quick Google search will give you a plenty of data on the benefits of meditation from a scientific perspective—physically, emotionally, your productivity, creativity, stress levels and so on. 
From an esoteric perspective, meditation and intention give you ways of playing with the malleable energy that is this universe. They are for connecting with your infinite self and infusing your life with as much of that infinity as you choose to usher in. To exercise your creative volition.
Simple on one hand and often a wild ride on another. You are here for adventures, though, right?
First, meditation. My personal approach to meditation the last 20 years never has, and never will have, the focus of “emptying my mind,” though this is a common and useful approach for many. Meditation to me is a conversation with infinity, so that is how I teach it. It may include focus on your intentions, seeing someone else healed and healthy, falling in love with life or dissolving something you no longer want in your life, gaining insights, and so on.
As a reminder, we are all creating all the time. That is, we bring things into being in the physical world or dissolve them by way of thought, feeling, emotion, prayer, intention, action, words and so on. The majority of people are still doing that passively, unconscious of their infinite nature, and from a perspective of what they think is possible from the physical plane (limited).
And they are right, from that perspective. But start connecting intentionally with your infinite self, using these tools and creating from there, and you enter realms of possibility, connection, creative volition previously unavailable to you. If you want to become or expand yourself as the deliberate artist and leader of your life (creator) from a vibrational understanding of the universe, these two tools will go with you all the way. 
To be clear, meditation can happen in a myriad of ways. You’re likely meditating without realizing it. Gardening, fixing a car, hiking in nature, sitting with your coffee, art, dance, watching a sunrise, sailing, making pasta, a road trip, listening to music, and so on. 
If you engage in any of these, you might notice that your mind sorts, so to speak. You’ve likely experienced ideas coming to you, a solution, your next painting, clarity on a conundrum, your book title, how to apologize, relaxation, bliss.
In addition, we can engage in meditation and contemplation with a little more structure. That is, to sit down in a quiet place, undisturbed, eyes closed or open, to tune in and start playing with infinity/energy. To let go of your limited ideas of who you are and connect with new expansive vision; your ideals; your favorite dreams. And create.
Meditation builds a bridge between your physical self and your infinite self, the energy that is this universe. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the infinite void of this universe and you’ve begun. A few basics to remember…

  1. Instead of you being “here” and the “Great It” being “out there”, imagine that power as within you and all around you all the time. Because it is. That you never have been and never will be separate from the universe, you are simply developing your relationship with the infinity that you are and came from and coming to know yourself more deeply from this greater perspective. Great relationships thrive on great communication.
  2. Where your attention goes, energy flows. Meditation is a way of becoming aware of where your attention is going as well as giving attention where you want it to go such as to your greatness, a desire, your next accomplishment, or dissolving what is no longer useful or beneficial, such as a pain or behavior or past perspective. 
  3. This universe is vibration and not solid. You’re not moving cement! You’re moving energy. Relax. Play. Know you’re worthy.
  4. The “conversation” I spoke about above in meditation, may include focus on your intentions, basking in love for life, listening to insights, getting questions answered, loving your own heart, holding intention for someone else (seeing them successful or healed and healthy, or in love), for example. 
  5. In meditation you begin to access levels of thought and feeling not previously accessible to you. Enjoy them! Those levels of thought and feeling expand you, compounding something like interest in a bank account on steroids. 

Second, intention. The classic difference in definition between goals and intentions is that intention acknowledges that you are collaborating with an energy greater than yourself to achieve or create your desires, whether you call that the universe or something else. 
Goals are typically thought of as something you achieve and intentions are about who you become. Though again, the terms have been blurred over time.
Intentions are about you getting clear and specific about what you don’t want as well as what you do. They are an evolution of who you must no longer be and who you must become in order to bring your intentions into being. 
Like meditation, you have likely had many experiences of realizing your intentions simply by something you have naturally focused on showing up. Then maybe it snowballed, one thing after another showing up because you are enjoying yourself so much. This is simply about breaking down the process so we can do it deliberately and know how to get out of our own way. 
Here are a few basics (reminders) about intention:

  1. State it simply and in present tense—that it is already done. Not that you are “ready for it” , “it’s coming”, etc. it is,
  2. Get as clear on what you don’t want as what you do.
  3. Remember, you’re learning “ease.” When it’s getting hard, it may be time to transform perspectives and road blocks.
  4. Surrender is the magic sauce. Many people do this naturally. Practice this state of feeling it is done and surrendering how and when it shows up. This is serendipity at work (or play!).
  5. If you’re controlling, focused on the how or the when, you’re out of surrender and alignment with your intention. You’re back in the 3rd dimension doing it the hard way, matter to matter, effort by effort.

Most of all, these tools support your ability to infuse your life with the best of you, connecting with and expressing your infinite self through your physical self as one brilliant human being. To open new potentials, insights, dreams, ways of thinking that are all buds waiting to bloom from within you.
Happy Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere). Happy New Beginnings to everyone. 

Here’s to more of you in the world ❤️


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