The Bluff

Calling the Bluff ~

“Where do I go with this?”, said a client recently. With her primary crises behind her, she didn’t know where to go next with our work together. She knew she wanted to continue, that there was more possible, but she didn’t know what to bring to the table. 

In fact, what she loved most and found most profoundly changing were the calls when she had no idea what to focus on and we simply tuned in to where her own energy wanted to go next. Another way of saying that is where her infinite self, if you will, wanted to go next.

This brought a key question to the table. I asked her from what focus did she want to live her life? From the 3rddimension (physical plane) or the infinite, (spiritual, esoteric or energetic–call it what you will) dimensions? A life of expansion was a new concept to her.

This is a person who already lives a “good life.” By all third dimensional measures, she has it all. She lives in a positive mindset, has some religious and spiritual background, has a relative level of financial abundance and security, healthy relationships, physical health, and naturally expresses gratitude. She already experiences a level of magic, opportunity and serendipity that comes to her by virtue of who she is.

Now, with what initiated our work together gone and equilibrium established, she wanted to know what else is possible. She could taste it in our work together, that there is so much more. And she experienced it when she wasn’t limiting herself to the mental ideas she had about life and what to “improve” and we looked at what her own energy systems/infinite self wanted to evolve in her life.

This may sound super lofty, but we are physical beings on this planet and no matter how tuned in to the infinite and lofty we become, the point is that we translate everything we are becoming in these lofty ways into a fabulous good time in physical reality on this physical plane. Otherwise, what is it all for?

The choice is how good we get at infusing this physical plane with the infinite or if we let it languish like ground hog day repeating the same damn physical things and thoughts day after day.

You see, from the physical plane—our mental ideas and physical effort—we can only create another version of what we have because by virtue of being physical, the physical by itself is limited. It is physical, after all. 

But if we get good at connecting with our infinite selves, that which is the universe, which is our 8th chakra and beyond, and direct that part of us to express in this physical self and plane, well then, we get really good at “creating,” at elevating life to new realms for ourselves and for the universe at large.

My client is now making a profound shift from “nowhere else to go” accept what she can make up mentally, to live from a connection and focus with her infinite self. As this connection grows in her heart, body and mind it will continue to open realm after realm of her potential, of ideas for expansion, of who she is capable of becoming. 

Now we’re getting somewhere. For that is what this earth playground is for. To call the bluff on the grind and dance with infinity.

For most people, a crises of some kind is required to pique their interest in the expanding life, a connection with their infinite self. They want to know their purpose, for example, or a relationship ends or begins, they’re burnt out, bankruptcy, foreclosure, they don’t know what to do with retirement, they are now required to lead and they’re terrified, an accident or dis-ease happens, their business goes flat, a financial crises, or they want to rock their golf game. 

Ultimately, though, where it really gets fun is to connect with our drive to rock our expansion out of the sheer possibility of who we can become, what it feels like to connect with our own infinity, build that connection, and be changed by it, because it feels so alive, challenging, and good.

We have the option of waking up to how much amazingness we can translate into physical reality, or leave the worlds completely separate. There isn’t a right or wrong choice.

“Our own life is the instrument with which we experiment with the truth.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

For my client, life is good. But she has tasted infinity, a whole other realm of who she is, who she can become, how to create  from there. And she wants that.

Stay tuned. Next week is about two foundational tools her and I talked about—meditation and intention. The why’s and how’s so that you’re not simply regurgitating someone else’s rules and jumping through the hoops of another ideology and instead, understanding yourself as a creator. 

“My personal approach to meditation the last 20 years never has and never will have the focus of “emptying my mind,” though this is a common approach. Meditation to me is a conversation with infinity, so that is how I teach it…. ” (from next week’s Monday Wisdom Blog)

Here’s to more of you in this world,

Shelley ❤️

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