Independence has a sort of cosmic irony to it. Because when it is effective, you light a way for others to join you, either conceptually or literally, shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart.

It opens the door to greater relationship. First with yourself, testing out your own ideas, growing your wings to pollenate a world with your perspectives, by the way you live your life, by the way you love, by the way you source your greatness, whether or not you share your perspectives verbally. 

Consider all the independences you have gained through your life. Leaving home to go out on your own, leaving a job to start a business, moving to a new country, examining and choosing different perspectives from your various tribes or because you learned something new, choosing the way you eat, choosing a style, or taking a political stand, for example. 

Fill in the blanks with your own independences. Some were likely easy, silent and resonant choices. Some may have taken an internal or external revolution, a lot of self acceptance, a new world view. Hopefully they have lead you to more love, more of becoming your true nature and leaving the coping and survival mechanisms behind. 

Independence is for thrivers. It’s for life-lovers. The more your independence is sourced from your internal greatness, your mind and heart in coherence, shedding what isn’t true about you and this world–all that survival stuff– and connected with what is true, the more your independence pollenates a new way forward, and the more whole we become as a world. That’s where were going.

Let freedom ring…

Here’s to more of You in this world, 


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