Rehearsing Your Future Self:
We are all like sleeping giants with potentials available to be awakened, whether or not you’re awake already. That is because… there is always more to you. 
The concept of destiny is often perceived as being a little fluffy, something preordained that we have to figure out, or that happens to us if we do all the right things. However, the archetype and frequency of destiny is more like latent potentials always available. Sleeping giants. 
We wake these potentials from slumber with the sounding bell of our desire to become more of ourselves, with cycles of learning and mastery, with traumas and tragedies that when healed shift our trajectory; with our ideas, intentions, thoughts and feelings.
We could hang with fate, but fate is passive. Fate may even hold a belief that everything happens for a reason, but it is still externally driven and controlled by anything from status, money, collective belief and approval, to a deity. 
In Greek Mythology, fate was thought of as being managed by the three goddesses of fate, The Morai, who wove what was thought of as an unchangeable order. There is an order to everything, for sure. Keeping the planets in orbit, the tides coming in and out, our heart beating, and all of us in this together. We participate with this order whether or not we understand or are aware of it. 
“Your future is your reference point.” ~ Shelley Hawkins, Monday Wisdoms
There’s a scene in one of the Harry Potter episodes where a powerful light appears from across the lake to save Harry while he’s being attacked by the death eaters. When he recovers, Harry thinks that the light that came to save him was his diseased father, but his friends help him realize it was Harry himself from a future time. 
Though our dance with time may not seem as obvious as a movie playing on a screen in front of us, in quantum speak, your future self–that you shape with your intention, evolution, connection, and conscious focus—already exists in the Field of potential and is acting on your behalf in present time to take form. 
Here is where we engage destiny, our sleeping giants of potentials eager to hear a new tune from within us, ferreting out anywhere we may be settling for fate. The more you live in the knowing that the new future you imagine already is, stay focused there, shifting your energy by various means, the more you and your future self move toward each other. 
Yes, your future self moves toward you, too, like the light across the lake. Destiny is when they merge, when you’ve collapsed time into a waking potential, a desire fulfilled,  instead of waiting on fate, by shifting your consciousness.
“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone for others. Unfold your own myth.” ~Rumi
The destinies that make us stand in awe meld the tools of this life-trade with a sort of mystical mastery. Though they may include grit and hard work, what they create becomes something beyond what seems possible with effort, because it is.
As they say, truth is stranger than fiction and there are plenty of proverbial death eaters, inside and out, vying for your precious focus, vitality, creative power, and joy. Do what it takes to stay connected to your creative prowess. Bring your focus back as many times as it takes to that light across the lake that is you, that is all the potentials you are awakening within you, to remind you of who you are and where you’re going. 
In so doing, you will help drive a new future, a destiny for all, not a passive fate. Like any destiny, you can’t bring everything with you. Otherwise you have another version of what already is, which is fine, but then there’s that sleeping giant of a possibility tapping you on the shoulder. 
History shows us that your breakthroughs ripple across a field of consciousness activating portals of access for others invested in engaging theirs—from the 4-minute mile, to the 100th monkey, to consciousness. You will meet with more great spirits like yours. The greatest contribution you can make is becoming more of you, awakening more from within you, seeing a glorious future that becomes your Today.
You rehearse it every day.
 “Every moment I shape my destiny with a chisel—I am the carpenter of my own soul.” ~Rumi
“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Here’s to more of You in this world, 


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