Magic & Reason

Magic doesn’t go away just because the darkness hits the fan. Contractions are always an opportunity to gather and reconnect with your real power. The deeper you go, the higher you fly.  

“It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasure of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.” ~ Joseph Campbell

By magic, I mean the frequencies that cause life to flow, to take sudden shifts for the better, to “see” before the new vision exists in such a way that it feels more real than the limitation you feel now. 
Magic and reason are meant to weave together. Reason by itself will make us plod through the physical detail, weighing down our spirits, believing this is the only reality and everything takes “time.” 
Magic by itself may become ineffective on the physical plane. We’re not “of it”, but we are “in it” and as such we’re here to learn to weave our unlimited nature through our physical expression.

At 13, my client’s son has a choice about the kind of man he wants to become. He’s dabbling in things that could destroy his future, struggling with depression, wrestling with the way his dad has treated him, and has little motivation for school.
Besides consequences and boundaries for acceptable and unacceptable behavior (reason), tutoring, conversations with her, reminders of her love and anything he needs to break through and succeed, here’s how his brilliant attorney mother is learning to address it.
By directing the conversation out along the lines of how she wants him to perceive himself (magic—remembering who he really is). Not from the idea that he isn’t measuring up (reason), but that he is capable, loved, brilliant, he has choices, he’s not limited to his dad’s volatility or criticisms, and she has his back. 
This is a language she is learning even as she speaks it. She’s a woman of reason. She’s learning not get lost in the details as they are because she wants to do right by her son, to see him fly, and doesn’t want to lose sight of reasonable things like accountability, and passing the 8th grade. 
Now she is also connecting with her own dreams, to help him discover and connect with his. To help him catch a new vision regardless of who his father is being, or what has happened in the past, or what is going on at school and to know that he can take charge of what is going on inside. 
She is learning to hold both her sons in visualizations and intentions of them being happy, fulfilled, confident boys—and men—of integrity, kindness, success, honor, peace instead of sending them thoughts in a constant flood of worry, stress, what needs correcting, or condemnation.
This in turn changes her, too. As with any child, they want to see themselves in your eyes. They want to know that you know who you are, that they can emulate you, trust you, and you won’t give up on them. “I believe in you” and “your success is inevitable” are infinitely valuable.
“It hurts to think that you’ve given up on me,” her son said in a conversation, because she made a shift. She wasn’t carrying both ends of the conversation anymore. He had to show up with his end of the bargain, his choices.  
She is teaching him, reminding him, who he really is, even while she is remembering and learning herself. And, while learning to let go of attachment to what he chooses. Parenting is heroic!
As she transforms and elevates her own energy and consciousness around the situation, around what is possible, around everything that happened, she is learning to cast her vision into the highest possibility she can imagine (magic). To support her son with her own internal freedom as well as empower herself in a new life forward. 
Their next assignment is to turn in a list each day to each other of what is right with him. She’s writing one, too. For it is this inspiration that will give his schoolwork a new purpose—a love for himself.
The magic, the possibility is always there, regardless of what is currently happening on the surface. It is in you. Access it there.
Let magic govern your life and let reason show you all the portals to channel it through.

Here’s to more of You in this world, 


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