Off Grid

It takes a passion for freedom to evolve the unlimited realms of who you are. Naturally, then, we start with freedom and what that means to you.
Even though we are still in the thick of it as a globe, 2022 is a year of new beginning for each of us personally and for the world at large. You may have jumped into your new intentions for 2022 with enthusiasm or you may have felt a lag, not sure of what you want to create next. 
I encourage you not to simply move anything leftover from ‘21 into the ‘22 column. Reevaluate. Even throw out old written intentions. It may be the same thing that you have in mind, but if you look a little deeper, it has somehow changed. You have changed. The world has changed.
A client wrote a fresh intention for his relationship and it is pulling him forward, changing the conversation dramatically. This time, he’s ready for it. He has the internal infrastructure, the inspiration, the courage.
And this is where we are as a globe as well. In the thick of it is the most powerful place to write, re-vision, where we intend to be in a new and more beautiful world. Do you doubt that’s possible or are all over it? And that intention, when we devote ourselves to it and bring ourselves into integrity with it, will draw us forward into that vision or something better. If you need scientific proof, go get it. Lynne McTaggart, researcher and journalist, is a great resource for this in her intention experiments, as well as so many others.
Another client formed a Power of 8 intention group with her 7 sisters, according to Lynne McTaggart’s Power of 8 studies, and they’ve been having fabulous results for those whom they hold in intention.
This is the world we live in. Consciousness is no longer on the sidelines. It is the propulsion of a new world. And your individuality is more important than ever.
My motto for the 17 years I’ve been in business is the uniqueness of the individual, the evolution of you that is constantly unfolding and unlimited. The more energetically unimpeded (belief, pattern, conditioning, limitations) you are and the more empowered (connected, free, and expressing your unlimited nature), the more you hum to a harmonic within yourself as well as with others of great vision.
In and through and around every aspect of your life, of you, are the evidence of the limitations and freedoms you live by, consciously or subconsciously. And in and through and around every aspect of your life are the frequencies of your unlimited nature. 
This is true for each person, each country, each organization, each company, each family. 
At its most basic, freedom is the ability to do what you want when you want to. It is often first defined by what you no longer want to experience, which is a fine place to start. 
But in all of those things, and anything else you may imagine for yourself, the freedom isn’t in the thing. Many times I’ve heard, is this all there is? Regardless of their wealth, relationship status, physical condition, geography or success.
Always, freedom is developed within yourself and the thing is the inspiration to evolve yourself toward it. 
As you evolve, to be truly fulfilled, freedom becomes increasingly defined by what seems outside your imagination, but you can feel it there. For sure, you name what you desire in order to connect with it and yet there remains something more unexplainable drawing you toward it.
Let’s pretend you exist on a grid, sort of like the electrical grid we all depend on. There, you receive the ideas of what are expected of you as a human, a supply of what you need, how to eat, and the ability to express yourself/give/relate that allows you to function well and maintain homeostasis.
You can get rich there, meet great people, have a great job or business, have kids, be highly accomplished, spiritual, active and athletic, married, single, travel and so on.
Occasionally, it occurs to you to wonder if there is something more. Not that you’re ungrateful, but it’s like a tap on your shoulder. A feather on your cheek. Something you can’t explain. Sometimes it even seems like something is missing, a feeling, a depth, a fulfillment, a delight, a buzz,…something. 
You feel a ripple disrupt the grid with even your thought, so you’re cautious. Still, you’re curious. What is out there?
“Freedom,” you hear yourself say inside. You quickly add, but I love my life, this is not a bad life. You don’t want to invalidate what you have and who you are. The grid you’ve created has allowed you to have all that you have now. 
Still, nothing holds you here, wherever here is. And that feather…
The feeling that calls you is the same thing that makes you feel awe at the sight of a sunset, that makes you start laughing with the uncontrollable giggling of a child, that makes you want to dance when you see great dancers, or play when you see a puppy playing keep away.
And it’s real. The unknown “out there” is really the unknown “in here.” In you. The above examples put you in touch with it. It is unlimited. 
Though we describe it as the unknown, and some would say with no guarantees, the unlimited is just that. Meaning, in the unknown there is unlimited love, unlimited resources, unlimited joy, unlimited…all the things, guaranteed. Your evolution connects with it.
We tell ourselves the grid is safe and secure. But it is only the grid that is limited.
The more of the unknown you courageously engage with your individual and global intentions, the more infinity moves through you, the more the grid becomes unnecessary. 
You develop a rhythm of letting go without knowing what comes next because you know there is more and it is drawing you toward it. You’ve connected with it in your intentions, your meditation, your awe, your walks, your climbs, your child, your run, your bank accounts. 

The grid can’t sustain your awe, but the unknown can. The grid can’t sustain all that you are capable of becoming—your joyful individuality that is vital to us all—but the unlimited can. 
Not everyone will have the passion for freedom that you do. There are plenty who do. And you’ll meet them in the unknown outside that grid.
Follow your awe.

Here’s to more of You in this world, 


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