Circulating Infinity

Circulating Infinity:

There is no new energy being made or destroyed. Lest that sound limiting, it’s not. The energy that we live in, that we are, cannot be destroyed or made. It is already infinite.  
“Infinity already exists. We are simply exploring it.”  ~ Srinivasa Ramanujan, The Man Who Knew Infinity
The mathematician, Ramanujan, lived a short life at the beginning of the 20th century. With almost no formal training, he simply “knew” equations that mathematicians are still learning from. An equation to him was like “expressing a thought of God.”
I am not a mathematician, yet I get that this is a language some dream in just as others dream in philosophy, mechanics, gardening, navigation or art. All of which are expressing some form of infinity.
Infinity isn’t something we generate, we are playing in it all the time at the same time we’re hanging out in bodies that have physical parameters we sometimes call limitations. F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “a mark of intelligence is the ability to hold two contrasting ideas at once. At first it may feel like cognitive dissonance until you realize both can exist, and do exist.”
We are swimming in infinity with unlimited creativity at the fingertips of who we become in a physical world. If that gives you superlative fatigue, consider this. No matter how great anyone one person becomes, there is still more for everyone, for you. 
We have entered an age where consciousness roles off the tongue more easily for more people, at the same time there is enormous destruction and the world feels like it’s going to hell in a handbasket. This is the contrast, the cognitive dissonance. And both exist. 
You may feel something similar in your individual life as in the collective. That old structures are going away—financially, relationally, your physical environs, your body, spiritually—while new structures are taking their place or waiting to be discovered. 
Both are playing their part to wake us up to both limitation and limitlessness. The more infinity you participate with, seeing the way every area of your life is speaking to you symbolically for the changes and elevation possible, the more of that infinity you draw into and through your life.
Everything you circulate as this energy, be it money, love, fear, material goods, words, wounds, joy, or honor, are the tools you use to shape, form, reshape and retool yourself and your world. It may look like money is only going one direction when you’re spending it, but it is an energy circulating as much as the love you shower on your beloved. Everything responds to the energy you attach to it.
When you know that everything returns to you in one way or another, wouldn’t it feel more joyful to spend your money from that perspective? Keeping in mind the finite and infinite nature at once, what happens when you play in both? 
Each day blossoms on my petunias die off. Finite. But if I deadhead them (remove the old blooms) consistently, I have a profusion of blooms, new ones each day. Then the hummingbirds come, too. Life works this way! We are playing in this infinite/finite principal constantly. 
Sometimes it backs up and feels congested, heavy, exhausting. Then, you break through and another flow, greater than the last, takes its place.
“I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul,” said Poet William Ernest Henley  in his Invictus poem. I think this is another way of saying, you are exploring the infinity within yourself, deciding what you will send forth, where you will settle for limits, old conditions, where you will stand for and open to more love, continually becoming a greater version of yourself.

Here’s to more of You in this world, 


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