And Still, Light Prevails…
The words, “Know thyself” are etched in the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. Socrates reminded us that to know thyself was the beginning of wisdom. Shakespeare threw his hat in the ring as well. Plato. The mystical traditions. 
When life as we knew it halted on Corona Time, each of us individually and collectively received a mirror of ourselves. Have you looked? You’ll see your magnificence there, of course, and clues to what you’ve been ignoring that are yellow-brick-road kinds of revelations and insights to your desires. Stuff you’ve been “working on” that wants to disappear as a story of your life.
They may have shown up as irritations and restlessness. The stuff that hasn’t been working in your relationship that you could previously gloss over. The areas of your business, your classroom, your family, you could rationally set aside, until now. The places you’ve been beating on yourself internally that are ready for light.
Even if you have continued working as much as ever, you’ve likely recognized the stillness around us. Something in your routine shifted and gave you a look at your life, yourself, your familiar rhythm and relationships, that you haven’t seen in a while.
Whatever your experience has been, what have you learned about yourself?
I find it interesting that the corona, the name of the virus, is also the name of the 7th energy center, or chakra, of the body at the crown (top) of the head. This energy center governs the pituitary, and secondarily the pineal and hypothalamus glands of the body that govern the endocrine system. 
The endocrine system is constantly adapting and adjusting according to what you give it as food, thought, movement, and environment. Then does its best to help us manage stress, our bliss, metabolizing nutrients and moving waste, as well as keep energized and rested. It can contribute to anxiety or peace, our sense of creativity and sexuality, the strength of our body, our aging or youthfulness and more. The last few weeks it’s had new input and potentials for upgrade. 
The 7th energy center, by no coincidence, also correlates to the completion of a cycle and the beginning of something new. To letting go, rebirth and renewal, to connection with our bodies, to the Formless and Limitless, and to peek experience.
Have you seen glimpses of your new future, of a global new future? Has what you considered at first “a loss” as you entered corona time, now no longer desired in your life? Funny, how quickly things change. I’ve heard even the most driven among us reflect, “there’s no way I’m going back to the way I was living.” They are awakening to, “there’s a better way and I’m finally willing to trust it, create it, create from it.”
Those who felt lethargic, low on drive and rest-deprived are gaining insight on what diminished their passions, finding the inspiration, the permission and space, to drop what they’ve been circuitously “working on” to stay safe and comfortable, which was really maintaining the story. And instead to leap by consciousness into the truth of the light they are. 
We are poised at this moment to leap from our previous forms of scarcity, whatever those have been for you, to greater abundance. Wallace Wattles, the 1910 author of an obscure yet foundational book, The Science of Getting Rich, is a perfect reference for this moment. The book is for anyone who wishes to become a master creator. 
Wattles in his 1910 lingo, brilliantly uses three terms, in addition to others, that I will draw out here as timelessly poignant: formless substance, competitive-to-the creative mind, and gratitude.
Formless substance is another word for what we call the quantum field, energy. I love where he takes our imagination, though, because it conjures the reality of the limitless possibility we are working with when we begin imprinting our thoughts and elevated feelings into the field for creating life in its fabulous detail and beauty. 
Moving from the competitive to the creative mind means to move, finally, out of any scarcity that what you wish to create must come from what already exists, by your effort alone, or that you have to compete to get there first, or that it will take from someone else. And to realize that what you are creating will come in a way that is for the good of all, through ways that exist, but in a surprising and expansive way you likely wouldn’t have imagined. 
And gratitude. That which unifies us with ourselves, with that which is Greater and with everything else. Feeling, not just thinking, gratitude is the statement to the universe that: it is already done.
If you believe that to live in abundance you have to do more, then you will return to your frenzied resistance when all this is done. If you’re willing—willing—to embrace the creative mind over the competitive, to see your light in the mirror of Corona Time, then you will become acquainted with, or more deeply acquainted with if you’ve been going your own way a while, Yourself—the creative mind, formless substance, and the circuit of gratitude that wraps it all together.
When the Greeks carved “Know Thyself” into the Temple of Delphi, they were reminding us of this and the power of stillness to take us there.
Corona time is an opportunity to know thyself, to transcend limitations for anyone who wishes to pay attention. The thing is, you’ll have to remember that still, in all of this, light prevails, inside you and around you. Your attention on that and powerfully imprinted on formless substance, allows you to create a new beginning, a new way, a new perspective, a new world for yourself and everyone else.
I’ll leave you with a reminder of something I wrote a few weeks ago…
“Perhaps this is a time of greater light brilliantly eclipsed in a pandemic. To grow the glow around you and your highest potentials. For you to grow more nimble in a changing world, shrug off the attachments to the old shore and find yourself in rarified air with other stars that can’t wait to shine with you.©

Here’s to more of You in the world, 


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