Leaders of the ages moved evolution forward by their ability to accept what was happening in the moment while staying connected with the vibration and reality of their future vision. 
Inspired by increase instead of pushed by fear, they saw the value of their life to the whole. Their vision was the greater reality that moved, drew, inspired, and pulled them forward. 
Your life, your single sovereign life, as well as the global life, is just as profound. We are in a context of intense and fast transformation right now, like a vortex. For some it is stressful, perhaps even a dark night of the soul, an unfathomable spin. For others, they are swamped with business. Some are buzzing with joy, bliss, and gratitude. Others are experiencing it as a vacation or barely notice a change. Everyone I’ve spoken with is enjoying aspects of the slower pace. We needed this.
Our sequestering is like a mirror of the confinements in which we already held ourselves. Confinements of beliefs and perspectives, of busyness, of commitments that no longer thrive us, of habits of being, stories we tell, words we use, that cannot inspire us or move us forward. 
Instead, we have the opportunity to give ourselves what we’ve been looking for; moving us into our futures much faster than we could have maintaining our previous life rhythms. As I heard more than once this week, “if not now, when?”
We are perhaps like the ancient indigenous wayfinders who could navigate across entire oceans in canoes without maps, but with celestial navigation, their knowledge of the stars and elements, and their honed senses. We, too, have known these ways. It’s in our bones, our cellular memory, to live by those senses and internal wisdoms for daily life. In the frenzy, perhaps we had become disconnected from the best ways forward.

Now we have the opportunity to remember, to listen to the waters from our simple vessels without the noise of a motor.
Our future is not on a map. It is in our hearts, our visions, individual and collective. The sudden confinement reminds us to remember who we are, or strengthen our commitment to that. To see what This has given us and trust ourselves to say yes to navigate a way forward across the waters and ripples, the stars and moon, the sun and birds, that guide our direction now to expand and discover new lands within and without. 
This intense time will soon pass as they all do, leaving its wake of change behind. Your future hangs in the ethers as it always did, like the stars of navigation, eager for your instruction in this moment for what to draw you toward, for what to draw toward you. The clearer you become energetically, the more powerful your thoughts and feelings become in what takes form in your life, whether they are of fear and lack, or joy, love, and creativity. 
“What do you want us to do with this current event, it seems to ask?” While also offering you the signs and gifts in the now to be recognized, received and internalized for discovering new lands. 
“Healing is not a return to original form,” said Dr. Christine Page. We have left the old shore for good. For Good. Though your brain may wander back and forth between survival and creation modes, your future remains, waiting for your energizing courage, trust, inspiration, love and focus to bring it to life. To draw on the ancient ways of navigation already within you.
There is a greater love taking up residence in all of this. It’s in the way we see each other, value each other, miss being with each other, enjoy the presence of each other, and love our way forward. Sure, there’s a world of chaos going on, too. The way you lead your life by remembering your future moves evolution forward for all of us. 

With great love and thankfulness, 


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