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"I wanted to let you know how much I look forward to and thoroughly enjoy your 'Monday Wisdoms’. You give all who subscribe                                         and thought that, for me, give me pause for a deeper sense of connection, thought, and possible action. 

They give me a sense of peace within that allows me to be more grounded in what is and how I am at the moment. You have helped me move away from self-judgement and into calm, to be more of who 'Paul' is.
What I want most for you to know is just how appreciative I am to know you. Your presence in my life has made an                                        in my ability to move with and through life with more ease. Thank you!!"

— Paul Sunderland, Ski Instructor

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"After Your Soul in Business, I no longer needed to chase my significance."

— Natalie McGuire, Web Designer